Java Projects for MCA on Banking System

Banking system is most powerful system in today’s world. This final year cse project deals with banking system. Most of the financial sectors are depends on the banking system. Banking sector is Major role in pay role in users. Because of this a person can save money are use money like shopping. The bank is providing for an account for user by using this he can do the transaction. The bank is mainly to do the transitions in financial sectors from one organisation to different organisation. These things can provides for the users also, like creating accounts, maintain the balances, giving the ATM cards, Debit cards, credit cards and cheque.

While giving this time consuming is less process. The banking system is totally providing the high secured data. They cannot tell the all the information to other they tell only the account holder which is belong to them. The banking system can change in every time when the increasing of the customers, to maintain the good quality of the market they using new technology, new thoughts and new plans .they are provide more comfort ability of the customer requirements like instant cash, door to door delivery, any like of loans like home, student and personal loans. Any bank account numbers are unique and the bank account number doesn’t contain the null values.

While using the banking account customer at most least some amount on account holder. Depending the upon the time period money should be changed. The account holder should maintain the minimum amount on account then with money for account how much want money. A person is maintaining a large amount of money on account then bank can pay the interest for the account holder. Depending upon the transition bank should sanction the loans also. They are lot of time period for changing the banking system. Banks gives the ATM cards and pin number should be unique.

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Java Project Abstract on Global Counseling System

Introduction to Global Counseling System :

According to the international Round table conference for the Advancement of counselling (IRTAC) everywhere in world to increase the internal connection. This can deal the challenging the counselling the programs and training for psychological fields for do well. The Global counselling system deals those things. This can provide the direction of the guide line for the counsellors.

The tool is provide to decreasing the errors when enter into the information on the data fields. While entering invalid data it is also display the information when doing the process. This tool is totally user-friendly that why a little bit knowledge is required for the user

GBS is a user interface tool for world and world information. User can Easley interact act with this tool and provide user which kind exact data user wants. This also maintains the user’s data information. This can Generate the report like which information wants also gives and depending upon the contagious also divide module. Depending upon the type it is categorised and also department. GCS is doing creating, removing and any changes to modifying. These are available in everywhere of the world screen

Hardware requirement for this project is Pentium 3, temparory memory is 256 that is ram and hard drive is requirements are basic OS like win95 to NT 4.0, Server is Tomcat5.0, HTML and Java are Languages, my SQL is for database, JSP and JDBC

The Main disadvantage of existing system is totally entered in manual. This should be occurred lot of errors and mistakes then loss the data very easy. The Existing one is not possible to search in global one. The new system will takes more effect and efficacy improved; this is taking care of the employee’s details like Query operation, administration, registration posting a query and answer, forum and Guide lines. The main future is highly security.

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Freelancer Job Project Abstract

Introduction to Freelancer Job Project:

Today every company want to work long period and more responsibility to employee. The company need to employee for full time and long term responsible in risks then more attachments. This is application taking care of the any unknown data when we inserting data into data fields and also provides the error message while entered any kind of unknown data in data filed and  not required for any knowledge the user when using the system. This tool provide user interface. The freelancer is provide the when job holoder is taking the long time period to work in organisation.

The total existing system is based on one single user, this depends upon the Sanchez application and this is used for to find the freelance data. While using this tool any error is corrected then the system is failure happened then the organisation information is also totally loosed and this is manually used only.

The total information is stored in Ms-excel sheets by using the excel sheet not valid for long table and probably not possible to search any information in freelance

The proposed system taking care of what are the draw backs in existing system. This is major role taking care of data and maintaining information. It is totally online based tool, then the data or information is available any time we want or user wants. More speed and changing the duplication of the information, more security and user friendly, increase sing the system speed also and solve the mistakes

This tool contains 4 types’ different modules those are admin, freelancer login, user and blog.  Admin block is main module of the tool. This is containing all the controls of the modules. This module is maintaining the edit option like add, delete and views related to the organisation. Where the freelancer maintains the new project details and maintains data   for the organisation. User module wants to login into tools with valid details and discuss should be done using blogs.

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Online Insurance Management System Project Report in Java

Introduction to Online Insurance Management System Project Report:

This project deals with Insurance in online. This tool taking care of the policy in online using tracking the details of the customer and the company.

if the user enter into the website it will show  the details about insurance and other schemes of  the policy through this online registration form

It helps the customer to view their own insurance status system analysis focuses on the application is require to do. The system allows to see the logical elements from the physical components it uses (computer, terminals and storage system)

The existing system is the manual system. The manual system is prone to error. It is time consuming it is very difficult to produce the report for any person and there is chance for changing the scheme report by doing malpractice. Usage of paper in the payment process leads to less efficiency, less accuracy and less productivity.

Proposed system is to eliminate the drawbacks of the existing system. It is designed in order to provide a permanent solution of the problem.

Online insurance services in the middle ages policy agents and policy holders have used the paper to take money from the insurance transaction but know the technology is fully developed everything is being converted to computerized. Now a day’s everyone is using the internet in this fast race the business and money making people are also using. No country, no company and no individual want to fall back in this fast generation everyone wants to the lead the group.

The hardware requirement of this project is PROCESSOR PENTIUM 4, RAM 128MB HARD DISK 40GB, memory 32MB.

The minimum software requirement is WEBSERVER apache tomcat server 6.0.20 and browser is internet explorer, server side scripting is jsp, java bean, data base is ms-access and clint side scripting is html and language is j2ee.

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Training and Placement Cell Project in Java

Introduction to Training and Placement Cell Project in Java:

This project is used to develop an online application for training and placement department in the college. This project uses an application for the TPO of the college to provide the student information. Each and every student’s information should be present in the record for logging the form of CV. For training and placement of the students the TPO’s have to collect the CV;s and manage them. and also  check the CV for further corrections.

Document convention font style time’s new roman, and font size main headings 16, sub headings 14, content 12 and line spacing 1.5.

Scope of the project we can store the information of the students various companies can access the information of the students and the student can update his CV up to date. And the company will call the student or he will send the mail to the student mail ID for any placements.

This project is mainly intended to help the people who belong to t&p cell by saving time.

This activity is under goes into 2 steps the first one is we have to maintain the list of students record and the second one to maintain the company record based on the company requirement we need to select the students and make a list of it.

Existing system filling form by students in this project  a form is given to the student in which he/she has to fill his complete details such as name, roll no, branch, percentages etc.

Marks of students should collect from each and every department.

Proposed system in this project the user have to provide the information to the system the company name, date and venue at which the campus drive takes place. The system will generate this information and will place in college notice board for the student’s placement.

Hard ware requirement processor intelp2, ram 512mb and hard disk 40 GB.

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