Design & Implementation of Staff Leave Management System Project

This system is aimed at implementing a leave management application for staff that is of importance to any Educational Institute. The leave management system is a web-based application that can access by all the staff of the college. Their features like updating staff records, approval of leave cancellations of leaves, track the staff leave record.


The motivation for designing this application come because I came to know that the staff in my college have to fill out the leave application form and then submit it to the office .then the clerk checks their records and proceeds further. So it is a time-consuming process. So to save their time and minimize their application form process, I decided to design the online leave application form. Moreover, I value recent learning about the java programming language as well as seeing how powerful and dynamic they are when it comes to web designing and applications. Whereas, PL/SQL database at the back-end because I found them to be extremely useful while on the technologies.

This system is specifically made for the following issues:

  1. It reduces manual work.
  2. This system is fully computerized.
  3. Highly efficient and accurate.
  4. Easy access to college staff records.
  5. Offers real-time visibility of data.                       

Security Risk: – 

The system-generated mail notification sent to the leave applicant is late.



The proposed system is developed to manage staff leave and their records in the colleges. It helps to record staff information, Approve or denies staff leave request.


  1. The purpose of the project is to build an application program to reduce the manual work for managing staff leave.
  2. To generate inquiry for staff on demand.
  3. To keep all the information related to pending leave.
  4. Well-designed database to store faculty information.
  5. The main objective of this application is to automate as well as update the leave information of staff.
  6. It tracks all the details about faculty, and attendance.
  7. If the any of the faculty wants to know about his/her leave status it will be very

Project Scopes and Limitations

  1. To manage the details of staff attendance, and records of their leaves.
  2. Easy to operate and hopefully can smoothen up the job of clerks and staff.
  3. This system produces a computerized system for defining the best solution for the leave application.
  4. Easy access to staff records.

Existing System

This system is offline it requires a lot of effort. for applying for a leaving staff in the colleges go to the office and collect the leave application form and by filling up the details, type of leave, leave applied for how many days, the reason for leave, load arrangement, etc. leave application form they have to submit it to the clerk. The clerk checks their pending leaves and then approve the leave application form or deny them for the further process. There is no security for data.

Project Perspective

The online leave management system application is a web-based system. A leave management system is a process within in college that determines how leave is requested by staff and approved by higher authorities.

System model:

 The structure of the system can be divided into the following parts.

  1. Admin module: Admin/clerk will maintain all the faculty details, employee leave record details, and HOD leave record details in the database. 
  1. Faculty module: in this module faculty will get access to check their leave status. 
  1. HOD module: In this module Head of the department will have permission to look after the data of every faculty member in the department. 
  1. Principal module: Among all the modules principal module is given more permission. He can view information of every department’s faculty information and take action based on reports. 

Admin module:

  1. Home page
  2. Leave applicants page
  3. Deny/approve page
  4. Update module
  5. Login page 

Faculty module:

  1. Leave status
  2. Pending leaves
  3. Leave type
  4. Leave days
  5. Leave reason 

HOD module:

  1. Faculty data
  2. View data
  3. Approve/deny leave
  4. signature 

Principal module:

  1. Access to All faculty data
  2. Approval of leave
  3. View records


Key stakeholders of an online staff leave management system are:

  1. Clerk
  2. Staff
  3. HOD
  4. Principal

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