Online College Management System PHP Project

The “Online College Management System” is concerned with three categories of modules:

1) User( student, parent or any user)
2) Admin
3) Faculties

User (student, parent or any user):

The user can view own result & attendance.
The user can know about college info., management, goal & objective.
The user will display fresh news & event.
The user can download fresh exam time table, syllabus, assignment as well as view blacklist which created by admin based on its attendance.

The user provides facility to know the fresher message from the director.
The user can easily view courses details as well as subject details which are college given you.
The user can view faculty details as well result of own subject which takes on college.
The user can view fresh album which uploads by admin.


Admin can perform add/update/delete and search following module :

  • course module
  • semester module
  • subject module
  • Student module
  • exam module
  • result module
  • the attendance module
  • faculty module
  • college info module
  • download module
  • event module
  • news module
  • login module & user type module

Admin can create an online blacklist using student attendance
Admin can upload student data as excel file as well as syllabus, blacklist, exam time table, student result & attendance, and fresh photo gallery.


Faculty also give a login to manage his/her profile.
Faculty can view own subject result so faculty can easily analyze own result so they will try to better result.
Faculty can view own subject attendance.
Faculty can upload own subject assignment.

Use case Diagrams:


Puducherry Tourism Statistical Report and Information System


Puducherry statistical analysis and information center is a website designed for Puducherry tourism Department. In this web site people who all over the world can know the details about Puducherry. One can find its location, specialty and can find their place to stay in Puducherry. As an information center, peoples can get all the important details about Puducherry like the Hotels, Restaurants and its location. They can also find the available travel services and packages in Puducherry are. Help Desk allows one to know the important contacts in Puducherry.

This project contains various modules like User, Admin, and Hotel.  The whole project has been developed by using PHP, HTML, CSS, and MYSQL as a back-end tool.

The User module is a complete Web site for the peoples to see. Peoples can enter into the Web Site freely can collect information’s, know its location and can see photos of Puducherry. The whole website will be User-Friendly and attractive.

Admin module concerns with maintaining the tourist information of Puducherry. They have to collect this information from the hotels located in Puducherry and have to send the details to Indian Government. This manual work is now changed as a computerized work. The department can collect the information from the hotels through the website and can print the details in the given proforma.

Hotel module concerns with updating hotel data’s to the admin database online. The person who is managing the details of the customers who is coming to a particular hotel has to update the database with a unique username and password. They can change the password to their sufficiency. The hotel management updates the database to the Tourism department through the website.

Both the Admin and Hotel module are designed with high security with username and password.


To develop a better website for Puducherry tourism department
To increase Security for information’s
To update the information using internet facility
To reduce manual work in a simple way.
To reduce the Paper works


The organization is undergoing major work through human interventions.
Maintaining Tourist information
Maintaining Hotels in Puducherry
Sending Details to the Government
Maintaining the Proforma of every month


The proposed system reduces the manual activities in the existing system.
It helps in maintaining the information of tourist and hotels in Puducherry in a database which replaces the paper.
Writing the details in the paper is replaced by printing the information in the paper.
The proforma will be printed whenever necessary so no need to maintain it the information in the paper.


Database files are maintained instead of papers, which contains all the necessary details about the hotels and tourist.
The proposed system provides faster access.
The system provides effective report generators.
The organization’s cost and time effectively reduced by the automated system.


1) User

This module is a complete website which is designed for the Department of tourism.
People can collect information about Puducherry with this site.
As the concept of AJAX is implemented with this Web site people find it easier to load the pages.


2) Admin

This module concerns with maintaining the tourist information of Puducherry.
The information’s collected from the hotels can be saved in the database and can be used to print proforma.
They can add a new hotel and view the information of a particular hotel.
This module was designed with a secured login hence the user has to log in with the password.


3) Hotel

Hotel module concerns with updating hotel data’s to the admin database in using internet facility.
The person who is managing the details of the customers coming to a particular hotel has to update the database.
The updating of the database was carried out with a unique username and password by using the Pondicherry Tourism Web site.


TABLE DESIGN (user_admin)

TABLE DESIGN (hotel details)


  • A search system can be incorporated to search for a particular place in Puducherry.
  • Facility of booking of tickets and rooms can be done through the internet.
  • May enhance the payment scheme for ticket booking through internet.
  • Calendar events of Puducherry can be added.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • API


  • PHP (for server-side scripting)
  • JAVASCRIPT (for client-side scripting)


  • MySQL


  • AJAX

Output Results:

Home Page

How to reach



View Hotel

Printing Proforma

  1. Install XAMPP
  2. How to connect the DB
    • Go to the URL http://localhost.
    • U will be navigated to another screen
    • In that click on PHPMyAdmin on the left side panel
    • On the new screen in the create new database text box type” tourism_pdy” and click on create.
    • In the new screen comes up you can find the option to create a new table for the existing DB. There look for Import option in the upper navigation.
    • Now click on import and import the text file “tourism_pdy” which I gave with the project and click on go
    • Now it will show “Import has been successfully finished, 29 queries executed.”
    • Database part is completed
  3. How to run the project
    • Copy the source code and paste it here in the path “C:\xampp\htdocs”. Means that the project source code should be inside the htdocs folder of the XAMPP. (This is very important)
    • Now open the browser and give the URL like “http://localhost/project_folder_name/index.php”
    • If the source code is copied as such it should be http://localhost/pondi/index.php
    • Now you will be able to see the project

House Tax Billing System Java Project


Billing system will save both time and manpower in the process of automating the regular house tax billing system.


The house billing system maintains information of customers. The data of customers is stored in a single file which consists of customers information, bills file, tracking bills to know the status of bills.
Evaluation of customers bills takes longer time due to integration in the system.


It takes a number of customers information in one file.
Acquiring one customer information becomes tough.
It takes more time to find particular customer information.
Calculation of customers bill takes longer time


The house billing system stores customer information. It calculates the house tax of the customer based on area.
It is calculated by maintaining different files such as customer information file, bills files, tracking bills for the status of the bill of each customer. All the information of customer can be searched by using bill number.


It contains a single file for every customer information so that accessing of data becomes easier.
Calculation of customers bills does not take much time.
It provides enough space to store separate files.
Accurate bills are calculated.


Managing Customer records: we will be able to search the details of the customer which are present in files, where details will be in the form of house type, built in the area, location. The generating reports we will be able to display all the details of customer file with details in the form of files.

Managing the generated bills: we will be creating bills information with details like customer name, bill number, the area of the house, and bill. we can update the details of the customers using bill number.

Tracking bill status: In this payments of the customers will be updated. We can display the defaulters who pay the tax irregularly. Defaulters should have to pay fine based on the number of days delayed by them.

Menu design and integrating of all modules: we integrate above modules into one file. we add username and password to log in for accessing the details of a particular customer.

UML Diagrams:


We can conclude that we can create Bill for house tax for the registered customer. We can add new customers to the Database. We can search for a customer in the database and all the details of customers are safe with username and password of the clerk.

Output Screens:

Mini Project on Online Car Pooling System


The online carpooling system is a web-based application is to provide us with a simple riding platform between the car owner and car user. This project enables users to access mobility assets own by others exactly when they need. It shows a medium for available cars to pick up them on the interest of car owner with time and capacity.


Personal ride booking and sharing services allow customers to arrange transportation quickly.
Ride booking Apps typically use a smartphone, GPS technology to match a customer’s location with the nearest available car.
In this online carpooling system, the customer receives an estimated pickup time, a description of the arriving vehicle, and an image of the driver. At the destination, the user can pay automatically.

Existing System

The online carpooling system is an emerging criterion that provides comfortable and consistent rides for both the user and the car owner using this application within the city can be somewhat difficult.

Proposed System

The online carpooling system connects car owners to people in their vicinity who needs a vehicle.
A platform as a link between supply and demand is provided creating a new mobility service.
The ride fare is fixed by the car owner within the range of kilometers traveled and will even take care of all administrative issues.


Car – owner:
To connect with server owner must give their username and password then only they can able to connect the server.

  • Step1: Start
  • Step2: Car owner login with id
  • Step3: Searching for the server
  • Step4: Connect to the server
  • Step5: viewing the admin details
  • Step6: Conformed the ride
  • Step7: Stop

Owner accepting nearby user, the owner is going to get the request from the user considering his starting point.

  • Step1: Start
  • Step2: Admin login with username and password
  • Step3: We need to register by giving all the details
  • Step4: Start the ride
  • Step5: User searching for this ride related post
  • Step6: Selecting the ride
  • Step7: Viewing user details and ride details
  • Step8: Stop

After getting the registration request to the admin, he personally verifies whether the user or the car owner is genuine or not .if genuine then there request is accepted.

  • Step 1: Start
  • Step 2: Admin will make a post of his ride
  • Step 3: User login with username and password
  • Step 4: User needs to register the details
  • Step 5: Viewing user details
  • Step 6: Admin accepts the user details
  • Step 7: If the admin does not accept the requesting user needs to choose another driver
  • Step 8: Stop

UML Diagrams:

ER Diagram:

Data Flow Diagram:

Online House Rental Management Java Project

House rental portal is a webpage where house owners, clients, customers can exchange information effectively and inexpensively.

Provides user-friendly interface, satisfying the needs of the consumers.

Employs a new strategy that facilitates easy management of rental houses.



This module is operated by the user who is the owner of the property and wants to give it for rent. The owner should register with an application which will be authorized by the client. The owner can upload room details, pictures, location, rent ..etc. which comes under owner module. The owner can view the house and add house form his module.


This module is operated by a client who is an admin to this application who will look after users registering with the application (owners and customers ) and active and deactivate them.


This module is operated by a customer who needs to register with the application. A customer is a person who is looking for rent. The customer is activated by client and customer can search based on specifications and get results about rent details.

Output Details:

  • Home Page:
  • Owner Registration Page:
  • House Owner login Page:
  • House Owner home Page:
  • View Owner profile page:
  • Add House details:
  • View added House details:
  • Client login:
  • Client Home:
  • View owner and activate:
  • View user and activate:
  • Customer Registration:
  • Customer Login:
  • Customer Home Page:
  • View Profile Page:
  • Search Houses:
  • Results Page:
  • About us:


  • Online rental house portal is designed to meet every aspect of the consumers.
  • Features commercial and residential properties for the sale and rent properties.
  • To simplify work for the rental managers so that work can be efficient and effective.


  • The housing sector remains vigilant to face the challenges of the change of the existing system.
  • People migrating to other cities or states either for different purposes.
  • Finding a shelter, which fits all the requirements of the customer is hard, most of them don’t match their needs.