Java and MySQL Project on Credit Card Approval System


Now a day’s using credit card is increased drastically when compared to previous years so the banks also interested in providing more credit cards but the present system has the drawback of providing cards. The System is completely manual so the bank agent must visit the customer and collect the details and provide the transaction details etc.

This takes a much amount of time so we came with the application. In this Credit Card Approval System application, the customer can register and login into the application and he must fill all the necessary details and he needs to provide the transaction or billing details.

The customer can also view the transactions done using a credit card and to whom the money is transferred. He can also view and update the information provided by him

Modules present in the application are

  • Customer

Existing System:

In the Existing system, everything is manual so if any transaction details of customer required it is difficult to figure it out. There are no print reports of the customer transaction details.

Proposed System:

In the proposed System everything is Computerized and all the records are in excel format so tracking the details are much faster and easier.

Download Credit Card Approval System Java Project Code, Report, PPT

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