College Campus Activities Tracker deals with the tracking of both student and faculty performance and the activities done by them in and out of the college. This project can help us to know all the activities happening in the college campus area and even get to know who has scheduled the activity. Different certificates of the students based on their performance are generated department-wise and academic year-wise.

Our Students and Faculty Activities Tracker system has two users, faculty and student.

The student will upload their certificates that they have participated in other colleges and the faculty will schedule the activity and upload the respective student’s certificates to those who have participated in the activity.

College Activities Tracker is a java web application that will allow the users (both faculty and students) to upload their documents and intimating each activity (hackathon, workshops, competitions) that they participate in and out of the college with certifications as the proof.

And it should also allow the user to register for the ongoing or upcoming events through the form and after registration, A successfully registered message should be sent to the user to their corresponding phone number. The faculty must be allowed to check or keep track of students and faculty performance and previews the data student wise, faculty, wise, section wise, department wise, event wise, duration wise. And faculty should be allowed to add/update the upcoming event happening in the college.

Results Page of College Activities Tracker


College Campus Students and Faculty Activities Tracker is an application that will aid users in uploading their Documents and intimating each activity that they perform in and out of the college with Certifications as proof.

This is a centralized system that keeps track of students and faculty activities and previews the data student wise, faculty wise, section wise, Department wise, Event wise, and Duration wise. It is mainly used to maintain the data for Department’s weekly report.

Modules of the Project

We have three modules in our Activities Tracker Java Project.

● Admin
● Student
● Faculty


Software Requirement:

1. Language – Java (JDK 1.7)
2. OS – Windows 7- 32bit
3. MySql Server
5. JSP