Credit Card Approval System Project

 A credit card Approval system is a small plastic card which is used for system payments issued to the users. This  card is to use buy goods and services based on card holders promise to pay for that goods. A credit card is different from a charge card very extra features are available in credit card when compared to charge card here it allow the credit card holder to revolve their balance.

Credit Card Approval System
Credit Card Approval System Project Report

Credit Card Project Abstract

Mostly this credit cards issued by local area banks the size of credit card is specified by ISO/IEC 7810 standard with 85.60*53.98mm in size.

The credit card was first used in the united states of America in 1920”s. credit cards are issued by banks after the consumer opens the bank account and requested for the card. The credit card is have their personal  identification number (PIN) for payment by signing a receipt with card details electronic verification system allow to verify the credit card validity and customer should  maintain sufficient amount of credit in his account then only he can have accessing permissions. Credit card processing is very efficient when compared to other cards.

Features of credit card:

Some of the features are:

Logos: The credit card carries the logos of the card of the issuing bank.

Number: This is a sixteen digits numbers. The first digit specifies the major industry. The first six digits identifies the organization last digit is a check digit.

Name: The name of the card holder can be specified on the card.

Expire date: The expire date also specifies on the front size.

Magnetic stripe: it contains total information of the credit card.

 CVV number: It specified on the reverse of the card with three digit card.

Signature: In the processing of transaction the machine can verity the signature.

Contact number: which  is specified on the reverse of the card.

Advantages:   By using credit card we can with draw money and free credit process and  we can use it  in worldwide from any where we can access this. Here we have software development cycle. which consists requirements and design and then implementation next verification and maintenance.

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