NVIDIA TESLA Personal Super Computer Seminar Report

This paper is about a desktop computer named Tesla Personal Supercomputer. It is implemented on capabilities of NVidia’s Tesla which is based on parallel computing architecture with around 960 parallel cores. 

NVIDIA is well known for visual technologies and also in the inventory of GPU, which is a processor with great performance provides interactive graphics on pcs, mobile devices, and workstations. 

GPU computing is based on usage of GPU which stands for graphics processing unit for computing. In complex or heterogeneous model GPU computing involves usage of both CPU and GPU. Where sequential part of application is executed using CPU and intensive part executes on GPU. But according to user view the effective performance is due to GPU. 

The drawbacks of implementing graphic programming languages like cg is the developers has developed their applications like graphics but map them to triangles and polygons this limited the performance of GPU’s. 

GPU computing uses an architecture named CUDA architecture. This architecture of CUDA has a number of processors which can operate together. Its architecture is based on CUDA parallel programming. NVIDIA provided its first support for the c language with as small set of keywords and identifiers. 

Important factors that differentiate with other technologies include efficiency and even the technology fast growth, efficient utilization of CPU using parallel processing, manufacturing defects. 

The paper is about introduction of new desktop computer named Tesla Personal Supercomputer. Its features and the implementation of super computer is also given  And also the inventory of GPU is discussed.

Download  NVIDIA TESLA Personal Super Computer Seminar Report.

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