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Introduction to Paper Presentation on Mobile Computing:

Mobile computing is fast growing technology ,paper presentation on Mobile Computing explains in detail about this topic.Now a day’s cellular technology is the most widely used technology. It works on the frequencies that connect to millions of the users. Earlier analog technology was used that was based on the wires to connect but they are limited to the home. Then in 1990s GSM technology came that introduced the mobiles, and it becomes the mode of communication from anywhere and at any time. They use the frequency between the 890-915 MHz and 935-690 MHz for the receptions. Every cell consists of number of channels and they are needs to register to the nearest base stations.

Mobile Communications Overview Block Diagram:

Paper Presentation on Mobile Computing with Full Report

Users can do data communication, it means that they can share information, or they can share file, send Mail, connect to the internet and WWW. They provides variety of networks to access data communication like PSTN, ISDN, or ATM. They all are partly analog and digital. They either do packet switching or circuit switching. In circuit switching data are sending from one user to other user and they have to follow the specific path. If in case the link that you are busy then your message cannot be redirected and that might create delay. While in case packet switching they utilize the network efficiently, they break the message in to small parts and they are sending in to packets. In mobile phones user can move from one place to other place and they can talk while walking also.

Circuit Switched CDPD Diagram:

Circuit Switched CDPD

Mobile computing-CDPD technology:

Today mobile communication is dominated by the CDPD technology. In this system if your communication idle then you are not charged for that. This reduces the cost of the communication and slow transmission.

While CDPD networks allow it users to connect the users to connect with fixed link. They always connect to the existing network and transmit the data with the help of circuit switch.

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