Windows Networking CSE Seminar Idea Full Report

Windows Networking CSE Seminar Idea

Seminar Title:

Windows Networking

Introduction to Windows Networking CSE Seminar Idea:

There are many operating systems that are developed today which have their own security features. Most commonly used operating system is Windows. Windows are available in different versions Windows 98, 2000, 2003, windows XP, windows vista, windows 7  the latest version with advanced features is Windows 8. All these operating systems are having features like file sharing, encrypting, printing, security, administrative control with different protocols like TCP/IP, NetBIOS, IPX/SPX  which also supports different Networking hardware’s.

Fire sharing:

In this you can set which files you want to share and which to hide. You can set permission to each files ,folders that you want to share, you just need to set the permission for that and that will be displayed to other users. You can even set permission for individual’s files or folders when they are automatically shared.

Introduction to Windows firewall:

 It is the protection wall of the windows that prevent it from malwares. This firewalls works when we are connected to the internet, it protects us from unauthenticated use of the computers.


It means that when you try to connect to the internet connection fails, it might get fails due to many reasons, computer cannot find the network, and network card might not be installed. LAN might not be working properly. To face this problem we can troubleshoot the computer that will find out the errors that it have during connection.

Windows Network Security:

 windows have administrator that set the security of the computer. You need to update you windows properly to have additional features. Always install updated anti viruses. You have many more option in the computer like policy management, application security and you can set password at the log in screen so that unauthenticated users cannot log in to the computers.

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