Networking Seminar Report on Networking Hardware

Introduction to Networking Seminar Toic on Networking Hardware:

Peripherals, computers and interface cards as well as other stuffs that are needed to perform the task of communications and data processing with the network are known as the networking hardware’s. File server is one of the best ways of accessing the network. This computer works on a very high speed and it provides a huge storage capacity and is also equipped with a high GB RAM. It also includes a fast interface card and the system software for network operating. It also consists of all kinds of software applications and files that have to be shared.

A workstation is another computer that can be configured only with the use of an interface card, appropriate cable connections and networking software. Network interface card is also known as NIC and it enables the computer to create a connection between the workstation and the network. Usually these cards are internal and it is fitted into the slot provided inside the computer.

Separately from a computer Ethernet cards are purchase while nowadays many models are coming up in the market with these cards installed already. Example: Macintosh. For twisted and coaxial these connections are just the ideal one. For getting connection from workstations, peripherals and servers to the central cable point there is a device known as concentration  For networking of Macintosh systems Local Talk is a perfect solution that comes as in-built device, manufactured by Apple. Token ring cards are almost similar to Ethernet cards from the aspect of appearance and the only difference lies in the kind of connector used at the back end.

While a signal passes through a cable it loses its strength and d therefore it is necessary to initiate the signal which is done with a device called repeater. If you want to divide a large network into two small parts then you can use the device known as bridges. It can make the network more efficient and especially if you are attaching it to an old wiring system and desire to have a new up-to0date network connection.

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