B.SC Computer Seminar Topic and Report on Google Chrome OS

This paper discussed about an upcoming operating system, Google Chrome OS which is designed by Google. Google designed this OS to work especially with web applications with natural ease.  This OS concept has got announced in 2009 and developed in 2008. But this OS is publicly available in the market only during the second half of 2010. This Operating system designed and implemented based on Linux operating system and will execute only of specifically designed hardware.


         Google Chrome OS is aimed at net books initially and it is an open source, lightweight operating system. This OS is designed and implemented by Google initially and they designed in a way to satisfy the working conditions of web applications, so the main target of developing this operating system is web applications and it is announced in the year 2009.  Later in the second half of 2010 this OS is available as an open source code and in net books.

This OS provides the facility of quick, simple, and more secure computing experience for people who need to spend most of their time on web applications. 3S’s concept is the key aspect of Google chrome OS where 3S’s refers to speed, simplicity and security. Google Chrome OS can run on both x86 as well as ARM chips. Researches are still carrying out to make Google chrome OS works with multiple OEMs to bring a number of net books with this OS into market.

                                       The disadvantage of this OS is not able to find amazing boot time or snappy responsiveness because this Chromium OS won’t be as fast as the operating system is designed to be and also because it is running in a virtual machines. The advantage of this method is that internet connection, keyboard, and mouse will work together irrespective of the fact that whether these are part of Google’s list of approved hardware or not. 

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