Event Portal Project

This is a conceptual design for a content management website called Event Portal, which showcases a variety of events and facilitates registration and promotion.

In this design document, listings and forms are illustrated with random pictures simply to help students visualize and easily grasp the design concept. Students should conduct application requirement gathering and definition of database, and they should work out a detailed specification on their own.

Students also are encouraged to add innovative twists to their applications.

This Event Portal should include, but not limited to, the components and features as below

1. Convenient browsing such as drop-down menus by locations, types, categories and so on.

2. Easy navigation throughout the website, such as links on the header and footer, or buttons at easy-to-see locations, etc.

3. There should be a sign-up and a login pages.

4. User console: users log in to create or edit events, review registrations or payments, etc.

5. Admin console: site admins log in to edit or delete events, review registrations, and administer user accounts

6. Registration process: registration form, confirmation page and email

7. The website should be mobile friendly by applying responsive design.

This project is a miniature of real world application. A few features described in this document may require, but not limited to, the following advanced technical knowledge and skills:

  • HTML and CSS skill for setting styles for Web forms, paginated listings and dropdown menus
  • Responsive design
  • Authenticate and authorize users
  • Creation of SQL data source and database programming
  • Site navigation
  • State and cookies
  • Server controls and validation controls
  • Test and debug

Students should study and try to incorporate as many as possible in their project.

Screens Description:


  1. This is a short listing. The front page can show multiple rows of featured events.
  2. The thumbnail pictures are hyperlinked to the respective event pages.

Browse Events by

1) This is a short listing for illustration purpose.
2) “Browse Events by” could use drop-down menus for Location, Category, Type, Date and

Create Event

1) This form should also contain other columns including Event Description, Organizer,
Organizer Description, Event Type, Event Topic, Ticket, feature and so on.
2) Ticket types: paid and free

Register for [event title]

  1. When user clicks CHECKOUT button, a registration page as follows will show.
  2. Below Order Summary, there should be a registration form for collecting participant
    information, billing information and payment detail (if the event requires payment).
  3. If event is free of charge, the form should hide billing information and payment detail sections.
  4.  Once the registration form is submitted, a confirmation page should show event detail and
    payment receipt (if the event requires payment).

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