Introduction to Electronic Temperature Controlled Relay Project:

The main objective of this paper is to develop a simple circuit which can control temperature. In our day to day life, We come across many devices whose temperature has to be maintained. If the device crosses temperature specified then it leads to many problems.

In order to avoid these problems, device has been developed to control temperature. By using this the temperature can be controlled .This circuit consists of comparator, temperature sensor, reference voltage ,relay and printed circuit board.

Brief into Design and working     

The temperature sensor LM35 is used, it senses temperature comparator used acts as a thermal controlled switch. Reference voltage is used to maintain constant voltage even though there are fluctuations in voltage. Relay is used to control the circuit by one signal. Printed circuit board is used to connect components using tracks.

The working of this circuit is as follows. First, temperature is presented. The temperature sensor senses the temperature and if the temperature is above the one which is stored, then relay is actuated and is temperature is controlled.

If the temperature is less than the stored one, then relay is turned off. One of the best practical examples is controlling the temperature in water tank with a heater whose temperature can be set to a particular value.

As the technology is advancing we can add some of the additional benefits like buzzer to give a sound when the temperature is high and gsm technology which can send information to specified person automatically.  

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