Mechanical Project Report on Center Jack for Cars

Introduction to CENTER JACK FOR CARS:

              Pneumatics is a branch of technology that deals with the study and application of pressurized gas in affecting mechanical motion. In this project “Mechanical Project Report on Center Jack for Cars” is designed to make a pneumatic jack that can lift a complete car or an automobile when placed at the car’s bottom. These systems are mainly used in industries, factories and are generally plumbed with compressed air.

            The preference for pneumatic systems is because a centrally and electrically powered compressor is used to power cylinders through solenoid valves and provides motion in a cheaper and flexible mode. The best point of the project is that it can drive a complete system with the aid of compressed air without any part of the automobile touching the ground.


       In this project report on center jack for cars, a compressor is used. This compressor consists of a pump which compresses air, increasing the pressure and gives it to the pneumatic system. The check valve allows the pressurized air to get inside the pneumatic system and also prevents backflow, once it is stopped.

              The compressed air is stored in the accumulator and prevents pressure surges and restarts the duty cycle. To control the pressurized air from source, a directional valve is used for control. An actuator is used in the project to transform the energy of compressed air into mechanical motion. The alternate tools are rotary actuators and air tools.  


      The advantage of using a pneumatic system is that the machines are designed by employing standard cylinders and the control is also a simple ON/OFF button. These systems have a longer shelf life and little maintenance. Unlike electrical power, compressed gas can be stored. It is also a safe system and fire accidents are very rare thus it is preferred.

Download Mechanical Engineering Student Project Report on Center Jack for Cars.

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