Project Report On Mitigation Of Power Quality Issues

This Project Report On Mitigation Of Power Quality Issues aimed to better understand the transient processes and inter- actions between a high-power and high-voltage SMES device and its power electronics interface. The simulation and integrated modeling of the SMES coil and associated power electronics have been performed using an electromagnetic transient program, PSCAD /EMTDC.The simulation used detailed SMES coil and multiphase GTO- based chopper models. Transient voltages in the SMES coil include those generated by normal GTO, SMES system bypass switching, and those coming from the ac system. Transient suppression methods may include adding filtering capacitors, MOV elements, sharing inductances, changing the chopper switching frequency, and snubber circuit parameters. Although the electromagnetic interactions of a coil and the power electronics interface have been studied before, the high- power and the high-voltage level of this SMES application have presented new challenges to the coil and the power electronics interface designers. These simulations have helped to identify some areas that will be further investigated and optimized as the design of the system proceeds. The results of the electromagnetic transients and voltage suppression study of a 100 MJ SMES system proposed for FACTS/energy storage applications are presented.

Project Report On Mitigation Of Power Quality Issues Conclusion:

This report presents the modeling and simulation results of a superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) system for power transmission applications. This is the largest SMES  coil  ever  built  for  power  utility  applications  and  has the  following  unique  design  characteristics: 50  MW  (96  MW peak),  100 MJ, 24  kV  dc  interface. As  a  consequence of  the high-power and high-voltage interface, special care needs  to be taken  with  overvoltage  that  can  stress  the  insulation  of  the SMES coil, especially in its cryogenic operating environment. The transient over voltages impressed on the SMES coil are the focus of this investigation. Suppression methods were also studied to minimize transients. The simulation is based on detailed coil and multiphase gate turn-off (GTO)-based chopper models

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