Power Quality in Energy Conversion Systems Electrical Project Abstract

Introduction to power quality:

Power quality is linked to devices using power electronics which maintains the switching parameters and voltage and frequency regulation. How the delivered power gets utilized effectively by the end user is called power quality. In this paper we will discuss about power quality and various categories of power quality. We will look into factors causing power quality and preventive methods.

Brief on Power quality:

All the factors which reduce the utilization of delivered power are considered and by rectifying the factors the power quality factor gets increased.

Steady state voltage frequency and magnitude:

Steady state voltage frequency and magnitude can affect the power quality actor factor which occurs due to phase locks in the applied voltage.

Voltage sags:

As the circuits works continuously the faults may occur resulting in voltage which reduce power quality, these are overcome in most cases by using fuse methodology.

Grounding and Voltage fluctuations:

Due to improper grounding and excessive neural to ground voltage connections transients occur. The transients along with the noise components may interact with the low voltages by which the circuit may get damaged. Due to constant changes occurring in voltages fluctuations occur which may affect the load elements which reduce the power quality factor.


Harmonics occur in the circuit due to power generation equipment and induction motors and transformers which cause voltage harmonics. So they need to monitor so as to increase the power quality factor.

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