Project Report On Networked Control System

This Project Report On Networked Control System consider Networked Control Systems (NCSs) consisting of a LTI plant, a linear static or dynamic feedback controller, a collection of sensors that provide measurements to the controller; and a collection of actuators that are used to control the plant. The different elements of the control system are spatially distributed, but interconnected through a communication network. Due to the shared and unreliable channel used to connect the subsystems, the sampling intervals are uncertain and variable. Moreover, samples may be dropped and experience uncertain and variable delays before arriving at the destination.

The report shows that the resulting NCSs can be viewed as a MIMO sampled-data system with variable sampling intervals and delay, which can be modeled by linear infinite dimensional impulsive systems. The infinite dimensionality of the system arises from the existence of delays. The report provides conditions for the stability of the closed-loop expressed in terms of LMIs. By solving these LMIs, one can determine positive constants related to each entity sent through the network that determines an upper bound between the sampling time and the next update time at the destination of that entity, for which stability of the closed-loop system is guaranteed.

Network Control Systems (NCSs) are spatially distributed systems in which the communication between plants, sensors actuators, and controllers occurs through a shared band-limited digital communication network. Using network as a medium to connect spatially distributed elements of the system results in flexible architectures and generally reduces wiring and maintenance cost, since there is no need for point to point wiring.

Project Report On Networked Control System Conclusion:

This project implies controlling of entire plant from a single node. This employs a very effective data communication between the server and the client, there by proper acknowledgement is received and hence errors can be effectively reduced. This enables reduction in man power, lowering the cost of implementation, ease of maintenance etc.

Download Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Final Year Project Report On Networked Control System.

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