Project Report on Study of Quality Equipments

This Mechanical Project “Project Report on Study of Quality Equipments” as the name suggest is done to have thorough study of quality instruments. The study of these quality instruments have been done in Tata Motors. The two instruments that have been studied are a battery charger and an inclinometer. Various details of these instruments along with their RFQ sheet have been presented here.

A battery charger is defined as a device that is used to put energy into a secondary cell or in other words a rechargeable battery by allowing current to flow through it. An inclinometer is defined as an instrument which is employed for measuring the angles of slope or tilt. This elevation is measured with respect to gravity.


In a battery charger, the charge current is dependent on the technology and capacity of battery being charged. There are various varieties of battery chargers, they are simple, trickle, timer based, intelligent, fast, pulse and inductive. It is also characterized by a charge rate. In the paper presented here, detailed explanation of every type of battery charger is explained.

The next device, an inclinometer is a device that is used for measurement for angles of slope and tilt with respect to gravity. Other names for this device is tilt meter, tilt indicator, slope alert, slope gauge, gradient meter, gradiometer, level gauge, level meter, declinometer and pitch and roll indicator. A clinometers is used to measure both inclines as well as declines.

Project Report on Study of Quality Equipment’s Conclusion:

In this paper Study of quality instruments the two quality instruments have been successfully studied and presented. There is a list of applications for these devices. A battery charger when provided with voltage regulation and filtering can be used as a battery eliminator. Inclinometers can be used to in turn coordinators and turn & bank indicators in different systems.

Download Mechanical Final Year Student Project Report on Study of Quality Equipment’s.

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