Project Report On Power Limiter

This Project Report On Power Limiter describes the design a power limit. Electricity is a major source of power in this world, but together with his application, is an important part of this waste and theft. Power companies have a variety of problems in the conservation of energy. We recognized the problem and work on it.

MCB are very common for people with electrical switching device ON / OFF with the electric charges. But the load is switched on automatically, day or night, switching occurs with respect to the required time is required; the changeover takes place with respect to load and requires that all automatically and continuously. An attempt is made, such a system that would automatically do before turning design. Such a system would eliminate job security operations operator to load ON / OFF switches are in different time intervals, etc, hence a system was designed which can perform all above mentioned jobs automatically and called as Power Limiter.

Features of power limiter: Output power is limited to set watt. Any attempt to raw more power results in flickering of lights.  Anywhere it can be mounted on the electrical line on the electric post. Helps average billing. Reduce manpower utilization. Eliminate doubts of wrong billing. This is feasible through power limiter of 200w/300w/400w etc up to 2000w and rating can be increased according to the requirement of consumer. It can be made cheaper than ENERGY METER in large-scale production. Avoid power thefts. Provides SURGE PROTECTION to the load, which is not possible through energy meter. Helps to limit farmers to draw power up to 5 to 10 BHP as per the permission granted.

 Project Report On Power Limiter Conclusion:

The device has much application like preventing the power thefts in hostels, rented house etc. This can be used for average billing to the customers. It is not required to go inside the houses. A team of 2-3 inspection engineers can check 100-200 connections every day. Since these single point connections would deliver power in night only it would provide 500 to 550 M Watt excess power in day time, which would give more finance to an electricity board.

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