Project Report On Luminous Power Technologies

The Project Report On Luminous Power Technologies presents how the electronic components are inserted on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB). In an electronic industry is the heart of the industry “Auto Insertion” Department. Thousands of components are used in this department on the bare Printed Circuit Board (PCB), with the help of machines. This may not be possible manually.

All the machines are programmed according to the BOM which contains the details of the components for the model of the inverter which is to be prepared. The BOM is issued by the “Research n Development” department.  Then, the process starts.

LUMINOUS Power Technologies is a Global Power Technology Company delivering high quality Power Backup Products. This company is a leading global company delivering high quality power products for home and commercial applications. The company’s group portfolio includes Power Backup, Power Storage, Distributed Power Generation, Renewable and Alternate Energy solutions like Solar, Wind and Hybrid solutions, Infrastructure Solutions for IT and Telecom, Engineering Design and Support Services, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Electricals, Water Purification and Mobile Phones and Accessories.

The report discussed about some of the important issues in different chapters like:

Chapter 1: This chapter discussed about the details of company profile and departments

Chapter 2:  This chapter discussed about the Methodology

Chapter 3:  In this 3rd chapter types of machines and its uses have been discussed in detail

Chapter 4:   This chapter discussed about quality

Chapter 5:  This chapter discussed about Manual Insertion and Wave Soldering Machine

Chapter 6:   This chapter discussed about the skills Acquired during the Training.

 Project Report On Luminous Power Technologies Conclusion:

The Training is extremely helpful to expose the students to future employers. To expose student to engineering experience and knowledge this is required in industry. With all the experience and knowledge acquired, the student will able to choose appropriate work upon graduation.

Download Project Report On Luminous Power Technologies.

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