Electrical Seminar Topic on Introduction to Motors

Introduction to Motors:

Introduction to motors:

The motor is the major part of the industrial equipment which drives the equipment. The motors are available in various types where each one serves different purpose. Without the use of motor we cannot accomplish the work. Depending upon the requirement the motors are manufacture accordingly from larger sizes to small sizes. Generally the motors run on AC and DC power supply.

 Construction and Types of motors:

We have different types of motors available which are used for various purposes in industrial equipment. The motors are designed by placing coils and a shaft is placed around the coils to generate motion. Depending upon the supply voltages the speed of the motor varies. The direction of motion changes when the supply voltages switches between the positive and negative cycles.

Mechanical motors:

These motors are used to generate mechanical motion require for machines in industries. These motors take electricity as input voltage and convert the electrical energy into mechanical motion. The speed of the motor varies depending on number of coils present in the rotor. By using the reference voltage the speed of the motor can be controlled.

Electrical motors:

The motors are used to generate electricity. The motors take mechanical motion as input and convert the mechanical motion to electrical energy. These are mainly used in electrical generators. In power stations these are used to convert the mechanical motion into electrical energy. Depending upon the mechanical energy provided and the windings present in the motor the voltage generated gets varied.


Motors are used in industries for generation of mechanical motion which drives the equipment to work accordingly to obtain the required output. Many advanced motors are available which can rotate at higher speeds and consuming low power.

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