MBA Study On Promotional Strategies To Promote Hyderabad As A Destination For Knee Replacement Program

Medical tourism is the most commonly surfed word across the internet world and it has wide impact on the medical and business environment ofIndia.Indiais considered as the best place to launch for the medical tourism andIndiahas many hospitals with sophisticated equipment and well qualified doctors to handle the medical tourism patients.

The main aim of this MBA in Health care Management ( Hospital Administration ) Specialization and Medical Tourism project is to investigate and critically review the medical tourism impact with knee replacement treatment in Hyderabad and to precede with this research two famous hospitals like Apollo and Yashodha and the marketing managers of these hospitals are interviewed with the help of questioners and they are given in the appendix section. From the findings it is clear that promotional strategies followed by both these hospitals are really excellent and the actual findings are given in the later section of this project. 

As the main aim of this Medical Tourism project is to evaluate the promotional strategies followed by different hospitals at Hyderabad regarding the Knee replacement surgeries, primary source of information is gathered in the form of semi structured interviews and the corresponding questioner is given in the appendix section. From the basic findings it is clear that most of the foreign patients are attracted towards India due to many factors like cost and quality of service available at India and even the qualification of Indian doctors is at the top most level.

To proceed with this research case study is considered as the main research design methodology and Apollo and Yashodha hospitals in Hyderabad are considered as the case study in this project and the corresponding marketing managers are interviewed with respect to his. From the information gathered from them, it is clear that many promotional and marketing strategies are implemented by both the hospitals.

Internet marketing and sending the presentations to the international conferences are the primary promotional strategies implemented by these hospitals. Well qualified doctors are available at both the hospitals and even support a wide range of medical tourism patients and sophisticated facilities are provided by both the hospitals with respect to the knee replacement surgeries. 

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