Energy Harvesting From Passive Human Power Electrical Project Abstract

Introduction to Energy Harvesting From Passive Human Power Electrical Project:

All the electronic and electrical devices need power for their working and depending upon the capacity of the device they are supplied with low are high voltages. There are various methods for generating power and the most common method which we use in power plants is by using fossil fuels or by using water currents for running turbines to generates power. In this paper we will see how power is generated by using human body actions like walking, body heat and blood pressure. We will see how passive human power is used for generating power and various energy techniques.

Brief on energy harvesting methods:

The power from the human passive power will be a few volts which cannot be used for higher voltage devices but this can be used for running low voltage electronic devices. Kinetic energy harvesting is one of methods which use motion driven ambient energy micro scavengers relay which acts as a transducer for converting kinetic energy into mechanical energy. In case of piezoelectric harvesters we use mechanical motion which stimulates the piezoelectric material and due to this internal charge configuration changes which generates voltage across the surface.

In electrostatic harvesters which are motion sensitive uses a parallel plate variable capacitor which uses kinetic energy or the dampening vibration forces for generation of electricity. These are rectifier free designs because the rectifier can only control alternating input voltage to desired output voltage and in the harvesters the power generated may not constant so to store the generated power for shorter duration before sending to a capacitor or a battery we use inductor.


This is a renewable source of energy as we use passive human power for generation of current. The challenge of the harvesting designs is to provide a net energy gain and to reduce the losses occurring due to inductors and overcome the power dissipation in the process.

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