People Skills Change Management Tools and Lewin’s Change Model Literature Review

In this article, the author writes about the importance of changes. The author is of the opinion that the 3 steps Lewin’s change model is ideal for conducting the alterations in the work methods or in the environment of work. According to the author, the most significant part is to untying the existing situation if companies seek to implement changes in the business.

The author has also written about the significance of skilled labor which is absolutely essential for implementation of changes in the organisation. The author strongly feels that a specific skill set is needed to implement the desired changes in the company. The author also suggests that creating a positive work environment will make the changes easier and smoother. 

In the discussion of the various steps mentioned by the author, the first step is the process of busting the barriers that are antagonising the implementation of the desired changes. The other two steps are as follows – the second step of Lewin’s model is altering the working agents and the final step involves active participation in the work and with the employees of the company by installing, testing, debugging, measuring and enhancing the new system implemented by the company.

After reviewing the article, the researcher concludes that the author suggest a 3 step change implementation process. However, further analysis will be required to test the practical feasibility of the 3 step process suggested by the author.

The Researcher has reviewed the article and concluded that the author has explained his article on three defined steps and had explained the ways of implementing them in practical situation. Further detailed study is required for finding the practical results of these methods.

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