MBA Literature Review on Change Management Tools

The Outsourcing India report of 2012 reveals that companies need to change management tools in order to function in a more co-ordinate manner. The report states that outsourcing is not just confined to the sharing of products and services among two different companies. On the contrary, outsourcing is the co-ordinate effort put in by two companies in order to build a better business and to serve their customers well. This is the true purpose of outsourcing and should be given topmost priority. Not only should companies share their activities, but they must also learn from each other.

There should be an exchange of ideas, work ethic must be uniform, both companies must be dedicated to each other and to their customers. The report states that if companies need to employ changes in the management tools, then these must be implemented immediately in order to ensure smooth functioning of both the companies.

            A lot more needs to be achieved in order to overcome the encumbrances faced during the global outsourcing process. The researcher has concluded that companies should follow change management strategies and tools to succeed at global outsourcing. Future work is required to this article in order to explain more change management tools to overcome the changes that take place in the global outsourcing process.

The Researcher finally justifies that companies should follow change management strategies and should use change management tools in a successful manner.

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