MBA Literature Review on Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model Implementing Change Powerfully and Successfully

In this article, the author has made an emphasis on the fact that that although change is the single constant phenomenon in the universe, it is always accompanied by anxiety. This anxiety is present irrespective of the nature and magnitude of the change. There exist many theories on how to properly implement a certain change. In this article, the author has written about the 8-step change implementation model which was introduced by the world renowned change expert – Kotter. 

The first several steps of Kotter’s model are focused on making the necessity of the alteration to be felt by the entire company. The author explains the different methods in which this may be executed.

Once this has been accomplished, the change should be linked to a philosophy and this philosophy must be made known to all concerned. The goal is to make the change becomes popular within the targeted audience. The nest several steps involve practical implementation of the change – these include breaking barriers that stand in the way of implementation of the change, making short term gains, waiting before declaration of success and inculcation of the change in the culture of the organization. The author describes Kotter’s motive behind each step and highlights important aspects which are related to each and every step.

The researcher concludes that the author has explained Kotter’s change model in a comprehensive and precise manner. Important points of each step have been and explained very well whenever and wherever required. The only flaw that that can be drawn from the article is that there is no presence of a relevant example. If the author would have explained each step with the help of the example, then this would have made the process of implementation much easier. 

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