Change Management MBA Project

The author has written about the factors which are associated with the process of implementing a change in a company. The author states that the change may be induced due to an external or internal force. However, irrespective of the cause or need for change, it cannot be implemented unless its executed is planned well.

The author has written about each and every type of changes. Changes may be due to advancement in technology or due to a change in the nature of the business or work environment. The author also writes about the necessity of change with respect to internal factors – whether it is associated with retaining employees or with the management.  The author has categorized the changes based upon their nature – these include adaptive changes, innovative changes or radically innovative changes.

According to the author, we must create an environment to implement any type of change in the company by using methods like motivation or enforcing changes in a positive manner.  The author has created an 8 step change implementation process.  This 8 step implementation process can be used to bring about a positive change in the company. The article contains several important points which deal with change management.

Upon reviewing this article, the researcher recommends this article for those who want to implement positive changes in their organization. However, all the steps mentioned by the author should be planned and executed well as this has a significant influence on the cumulative effect of all the steps. The researcher feels that this article was very well written.

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