Change Management in Outsourcing MBA Literature Review

In this article, the author writes about the theory of outsourcing which is considered to be one of the best and has benefited many companies from an economic perspective. He also writes about the increment in the rates of the vendors and also their contracts. He explains the most commonly used contracts that are front-loaded and also provide replacement of services.

He writes about the increase in in-house charges and the percentages which are comparable. The author briefs the readers about the list of functions that are being outsourced by the HR department and the payment department. The author explains the various tasks that have been split among the various entities and the services of operations that are performed every day. He also explains all the transitional which reap more cost-saving benefits.

The author provides readers with a brief description on the various problems that are being encountered due to failure of outsourcing projects. He also explains the alterations that occur in the companies and the role played by HR in these companies.

The researchers conclude that the author needs to gather and mention a few other aspects as these can better explain the problems encountered in the process of outsourcing. 

The author writes about the healthy relationship which the outsourcing agency must build with the client company. The author also explains the need of the ‘change management policy.’ He writes about the loopholes that must be filled in outsourcing and the difficult issues related to outsourcing. The author also writes about the various outsourcing policies. He explains the failures and problems which the companies faced because they failed to associate with the outsourcing relationship.

The author explains the effective changes that are needed to ensure the efficient administration of the client. He also explains various strategies which are being followed by the organizations. He writes about the various ways through which outsourcing teams are being hired. The author also proposes that the staff members must feel secure and must there should not be other problems that influence the responsibilities of the staff members. He also writes about several outsourcing agencies and how the staff there is trained to understand the need of outsourcing.

After reviewing the article, the researchers feel that the author must conduct more research and perform more ground work as this will lead to a more substantial understanding of the concept of outsourcing. 

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