MBA Seminar Topic on Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management is an important subject and plays a vital role in success of organizations because changes are common in any company and if that particular company is managing the changes in a successful manner, then only they can become successful in the market.

If the company is not capable of managing its organizational changes in a reliable manner then it faces failures in the market. Among the different factors, global sourcing is the most important which leads to the success of an organization.  Global sourcing allows companies to understand the needs of clients in different locations across the world. Global outsourcing is the process of expanding the business activities into global markets according to the changes that take place in the marketplace.

Change management process plays a significant role in changing status of a company in the market because the sudden changes happened in the company may show positive or negative impact on the company.  If the changes show positive impact then the company can attain success in the market and gives competitive position to the company.

If those changes are negative then the company may face failures in the market that degrades the company status in the market (Elmuti & Kripalani, 2003).

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