MBA Literature Review on Comparison of Change Theories

In this article, the author – Alicia Kritsonis summarizes the various changes that must be made in order to ensure long term success. Alicia Kritsonis addresses and compares various attributes of Lippits phases of change theory, Prochaska change theory, social cognitive theory and other alteration processes that arise and mature in social and cultural contexts. Alicia makes an effort o explain a number of theories. She also puts emphasis on the process of successful change – she explains all the aspects of this process.

The author also mentions the various theories that are associated with the process of successful change. The author opines that such changes will definitely aid the industry experts to comprehend the actual phenomenon of the process of successful change. There are various models which are explained by Alicia that help the process of successful change. Alicia writes about the different aspects which participate in building trust and popularity.

She also writes about the comparison between the various attributes and aspects which are typically associated with the change theory. She then explains the consequences which are associated with the changes. The author writes about different situations where the feelings of the individuals and their attitudes towards changes are observed and discussed.

The researcher doesn’t have a clear idea of all the factors related to management and thus it is difficult to make a specific conclusion. There are various other studies that are being undertaken in order to get a better idea of the process of change.

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