Article Rewrite or Plagiarism Remover Project in Python


Maintaining data uniqueness is one of the important features for many areas like in colleges and universities Plagiarism check and data uniqueness is one of the main criteria for preparing a paper of paper publishing. In order to maintain plagiarism free content, there is a need for effective methods wherein the existing method used should rewrite entire content manually if there are many pages of content to be written then it takes a lot of time which is time taking process.

With the advancement of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can develop an application that can automate process of content rewriting. In this project, we are developing an application in python named article rewriter or plagiarism remover in python which will rewrite entire given content in a short time. In this project, Natural language processing is used in which text summarizer libraries are used. In this project, we also compare the output of different text summarizer algorithms.

Existing System:

In the existing system in order to remove plagiarism for the content manual process was involved in which the user should understand each meaning of the sentence and rewrite the entire content with its own words. Which is time taking process.

Proposed System:

In this project, NLP is used for understanding input text or data from URL and then summarize text and rewrite entire content in a short time by using a text summarizer algorithm.



 Operating system: Windows 7 or 10.
 Tool :Anaconda ( Jupiter )


 Software :Python 3.5
 Dependencies : numpy
 Libraries: pandas, keras, scipy, sklearn,NLP

Medical Data Analysis Python Project


The idea of visualizing data by applying machine learning and pandas in python. Taking dataset from the medical background of different people ( prime Indians dataset from UCI repository). This data set consists of information of the user whose age, sex type of symptoms related to diabetes. Design a testing and training set and predict what are the chances of patients having diabetes in the coming five years. Data is classified and shown in the form of different graphs.

Project Objective:

To analyze data by considering exiting the user’s data set and predict what are the chances of diabetes in the coming five years. Information is shown in the form of different graphs.


Data analysis is playing an important part in analyzing datasets and predicting what are situations in the coming years. This analysis can give the option for departments and organizations to take steps in dealing with these problems. In this project prediction of diabetes in the coming years is considered as the main problem.

Existing System:

There was no chance of prediction in existing studies it was just by manual analysis based on existing data but analyzing large amounts of datasets is not considered.

Proposed System:

Data analysis and machine learning libraries and algorithms are used for prediction on diabetes and information is shown in detail in the form of different types of graphs (histogram, density plots, box and whisker plots, and correlation matrix plots.


OS: Windows 7 or above
Processor: I3 or above
Programming language: python 3.6
Distribution tool: Anaconda.
Hard Disk: 160 GB

Spam Comments Detection Project in Python


Spamming is the process of posting unwanted and not related comments on specific posts in any type of social sharing medium or video-sharing medium. These messages are posted by bots for reducing ranking or disturbing users viewing experience which ultimately reduces the rank of website and post. This spamming is done manually also which are mostly seen in most competitive pages.

There are few methods that can remove spamming methods that use data mining techniques but in this project, we are automating the process of spam comment detection using machine learning by taking a dataset of youtube spam messages and applying countvectorizer and navie base algorithm for clustering on the given dataset using python programming.

Proposed system:

This project, countvectorizer is used for extracting features form a given dataset and design model by generating tests and training sets from given data. Then the navie base classifier is applied for clustering and the test and training set is given as input based on this data given message is tested if it is spam or not.

Existing system:

In the existing system, data mining techniques are used for detecting spam messages. Most of these methods work only after posting messages. There is a need for a system that can automate this process before posting message.



  • Operating system: Windows 7 or 10.
  • Tool :Anaconda ( Jupiter )


  • Software :Python 3.5
  • Dependencies: numpy , OpenCV
  • Libraries: panda, keras, scipy, sklearn

Online Crime File Management System Project



The project ‘Online Crime File Management’ is a web-based application. This software provides facility for reporting online crimes, complaints, missing persons, show news, bullet points on the various announcements for the particular locality with multimedia content (videos, pictures, verbal). This system allows user to sign up and enter a complaint or register a grievance with multimedia content This system allows user to sign up and enter a complaint or register a grievance with multimedia content
Ant number of clients can connect to the server. And each user first makes their login to sever to show their availability.


It also enables the residents of a locality to keep themselves safe and sound. This system allows users to sign up and enter a complaint or register a grievance with multimedia content.


REGISTERED USERS – User has the permission to add complaint, crime report, missing person details, edit account, see complaint status and send mail to Admin.
ADMIN – Admin has the permission to see users, block users, see user complaints, crimes & reply. He /She can add, delete and view most wanted persons, missing persons,
FIR, complaint’s reply. allows us to change the password and send mail to users.


This project requires you to build a fully functional application that:
1. Allows the users to sign up and create an account
2. Show localities to choose from in a city.
3. Showcases notifications, news, bullet points on various announcements for that locality with multimedia content(videos, pictures, verbal)
4. Allows users to enter a complaint or register a grievance with multimedia content(videos, pictures, verbal)


Software requirements of the project are mentioned below:

Hardware requirements of the project are mentioned below:

Android Mobile Application for Metro Rail


This system is a combination of websites and apps for Android, which the controller will use for Android, while administrators and parents use web applications. The system is primarily designed to keep track of the underground railroad where the user travels to non-real users to monitor the driver and obtain information on working hours. A system that allows the administrator to add users to use the keyword is produced by the system which is then sent via SMS to his father so that his father can access the metro train schedule. Systems that allow schedulers add distance and metro trains to the database. Metro Train drivers must log into your account, where credentials are a phone number and your admin will give you a password. You can get an application when you have your work.

The metro train driver will have Android installed on your Android phone, the driver will enter the application, the GPS location and will be transported and stored in the database, so the application will automatically track the GPS controller’s location and place the GPS device in the database every five minutes. drivers, GPS location saved when the driver recorded from the application

Existing System:

In the existing system that is already there, the user does not have any application for the Android metro train schedule or changes to the daily train schedule. They should ask about the timings on the phone. Users can interfere with the management because the issue is a minor complaint about the timing schedule or route the driver

Proposed System:

This system allows the administrator to add the train driver and set the metro train timings to the database, where the parent can know the subway schedule or information on the metro train schedule every day or when sleep, when it returns and can comment to the administrator when work starts, the metro train driver should log into your account, where the trust will be a phone number and your admin will give you a password


 Hardware Requirements

  • Processor: Intel i3
  • Ram:  1 GB Ram
  • Monitor: 15 VGA Color
  • System: Pentium IV 2.4 GHZ

Software Requirements

  • Operating System Server: Windows 7
  • Coding Language: PHP, JAVA
  • IDE: Eclipse ADT, Android SDK
  • Database: MySQL5.1
  • Technologies: HTML, CSS, JAVA, SCRIPT
  • Android Version: Kit-Kat

Functional Requirements

  • Schedule Module
  • Track Module
  • Status Module
  • Monitoring Module
  • Response Module

Non Functional Requirements

Performance: This metro train app provides good performance. Information can be retrieved from any android mobile easily.

Usability: In this metro train app degree of usability is very high

Reliability: In this metro train app we can ensure that it will give information about metro train timings.

Security: The metro train app provides high security. It helps the parents to know about the status of the metro train.

System Design Documents:

Class Diagram:

Metro Train Timings App

Use Case Diagram

Metro Train Use Case Diagram

Sequence Diagram

Metro Train Sequence Diagram