React JS & Firebase Project on Promote Your Products Platform

Design & Development of Promote your Products Platform React JS Web Application is an advertising platform that focuses mainly on Small Scale Industries. This will help the industries to promote their products free of cost which help them to explore new opportunities and grow their business. The front end is Developed using React JS and Sass (an extension of CSS) which helped the site to be more interactive for the user. The backend is based on Firebase which stores the user and the company data securely.

We also provide added security to our users by authenticating them via mail and SMS. We have also added dark theme mode which is surely in trend these days. The users can interact with various industries and can even use alters to narrow down their choices.

The review and rating system also helps the users to share their views and can help others to choose what’s best for them. In conclusion, our Promote Your Products Platform site wants the business to grow and to help them broaden their horizons.

Introduction to Project Page

This React JS & Firebase Project website is a platform for the industries to advertise their products. This platform’s main focus is SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES. Various industrialists can join our initiative for free and the promotion of the product is free of cost.

This will be a Web-based Application designed in REACT powered by Google Firebase. Firebase is a Backend-as-a service(Baas). It provides the developers with a variety of tools and services to help them grow their user base.

The user of our platform can securely SIGNUP for our site as it is completely secure. The industries can look for the products they want and choose from the best. With the rating and the review system, users can decide what’s best for them. The data of the user will be safely stored at the Firebase Backend. We have also given the user the alter facility where they can choose the specific industry they want to interact with.

Overall this is a Promote Your Products Platform that allows THE SMALL SCALE INDUSTRY to grow all together and expand its reach. This will help them to interact with more people which will in return expand their horizons.

WorkFlow of the Project:

Promote your Products Platform website Workflow

Project Category

This is an Internet-Based Multiple Pages Web Application with a secured Backend.



By registering the company on our Promote Your Products Platform, the business people will be able to add products: their name, description, and image which will help them to create a catalog for the company and thus will provide them the platform to promote their products.

This website is entirely free of cost. The companies only need to verify their mail id and phone number after which they are good to go. Since our site is perfectly authenticated and secured, the user will need not worry about privacy. They will receive OTPs through a protected system and hence their data is perfectly safe.


We also provide the facility to review and rate the services provided by the companies. In this way, a person can easily compare certain industries and can choose what’s best for them. The review can only be given by the person who has verified their mail ids and phone number. In this way, we can provide our consumers with genuine ratings.

Problem Formulation

We already know about the platform that already provides such a service. They provide a vast network for the promotion of their products. But the one major problem with these sites is that they charge money for the services they provide.

Very limited Small Scale Industries can avail such opportunities as some prefer that it’s not feasible for them to spend such an amount of money on promotion. So in conclusion, the Large Scale Industries are only benefited from the already available system, and as such no digital platform is available for Small Businesses.

Identification/Reorganization of Need

Since Ludhiana is a hub of industries, most of the families here own one or another kind of business. So we are pretty familiar with the problems faced by the small-scale industries in this sector. We have seen our families paying like Rs 40,000-Rs 60,000 to such platforms for their promotional products.

But after even paying such an amount of money, the outcome is not that fruitful. Business owners, get queries from places that are very far away, and those companies who contact them are not ready to pay for all such long-distance arrangements. So in this way, all the time is wasted. Since we have seen this problem closely, we can provide a better solution for this.

Existing System

For the existing system, we have an example of TRADE INDIA and INDIA MART. So let’s take an example if you go to these sites and you try to and a product, you will get suggestions for it from a place that’s like a thousand miles away and it’s not affordable for you to import that product. So in this case rather than giving you the facility which might be near you they provide suggestions that are not useful for you. In this way, you the consumer, and the manufacturer of the service both are losing.

The consumer is not happy with the suggestion and the manufacturer or the service provider who spent thousands on the promotion of their products doesn’t end up getting the order. So we can say the existing platform is not that reliable.

Proposed System

Since we had already gone through the drawbacks of the existing system, we can conclude they are more feasible for LARGE BUSINESSES.
But the main focus of our Promote your Products Platform website is SMALL SCALE INDUSTRIES. We are providing them with a free, reliable, and secured platform to promote their products. On our platform, the manufacturers, service providers, and consumers can come all together to help each other grow.

On our site, the company can register themselves and display their products. We also give the power to the consumers to review and rate the services provided by the companies. This thing will help not only the future buyers but also allow the companies to improve themselves.

Unique Features of the System

Secured Site: Our Promote your Products site is fully secured and hence our consumers can easily trust us with their private information.
Phone and Mail Verifications: We authenticate our users by sending them verification OTPs on the registered email and phone number.
Responsive: our site is fully responsive and it can be viewed on any browser
Password using hashing: The password set by the users are not visible to us as we use hashing, thus providing them full privacy.
Dark Mode: The toggle button on the right side will help the user to toggle between light and dark mode.


  • React
  • React Native
  • JavaScript


  • VS Code (Ide)
  • Node Js
  • Chrome Dev Tools
  • Firebase

Supporting Dependences:

  • Redux
  • Node-Sass
  • Material UI
  • Firebase-Tools
  • React Router Dom

Package Manager:

Npm: Node Package Manager
Yarn: Yet Another Resource Negotiator

Hardware Requirement

Operation System: Windows 7 or higher, MAC, Linux.

Conclusion and Future Scope

This Promote your Products Platform will work perfectly for the Small Scale Industries and will fulfill their needs. This platform will also help them to expand their business and interact with other people and explore a lot more. With the feature to form their catalog, it will help industries to give a detailed explanation about the services or products they over which helps to attract more customers.

The Rating and review system will also help the users to give their feedback and also help others to choose the best. Overall this platform is better Small Scale Businesses and will help them.

Students Solution an E-learning-based platform Project

The project Students Solution is a website that is an E-learning-based platform project and it will help the first-year students of B.Tech (All Branches). In this, we will build a Students Solution site. After creating the Students Solution site, you will be able to take the notes for your corresponding subjects which were provided by the developers, and you are also able to practice your basic knowledge with the help of a quiz Which was in this website and we also provide some blogs which were helpful to motivate students for deeper knowledge and extracurricular activities.

This technology helps you to provide the best notes on your subject bases and give extra knowledge along with your course.

It provides a convenient solution to the traditional notes-making system. We follow a modular approach to learning through our website.

About the Project

This Students Solution project aims to make a website for first-year students of our university. This is an e-learning website where first-year students of our university will get ready-made notes. Our website “Students Solution” is to automate the existing manual system with help of ready-made notes, fulfilling first-year students’ requirements so that they can receive a valuable education. This means no need to worry about making handwritten notes. And they can utilize their time up to the maximum. It is a need for time to switch to e-learning.


When we joined the university we faced a lot in our very first year due to a lack of proper subject material and guidance after the class. So we are thinking of developing a “Students Solution” website where first-year students of our university will get all the subject notes and materials.

To help the first-year students we are working on this project “Students Solution” so that they can feel free and study well.


The main objectives of creating the Students Solution, We will provide all the notes regarding your subject and quizzes regarding that particular subject which provide you the basic knowledge of that particular subject and we will also give vlogs to fresher’s to motivate themselves for extracurricular activities.

The main objectives are :

  • To provide a quality-based education.
  • To provide ready-made notes.
  • I-Q Test

Implementation Details

Part 1: To build a Backend of the website in which notes are to be attached.
Part 2: Develop a site for quizzes regarding that particular subject.
Part 3: To build the information of developers.
Part 4: Provide the vlogs to motivate students for extracurricular activities.


  • We will add video lectures.
  • Live classes would be there.
  • We provide all the material for different disciplines.
  • The test series will be there.
  • Gaming will be there for entertainment.


Software Requirements (Minimum):

  • Windows 10
  • Visual Code Studio
  • Xampp


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP

Development of Electricity Information System BCA Final Year Project

This is the BCA Final Year Project website related to electricity information systems developed with PHP and MySQL databases. In which users can see the problem related to the electricity in a particular area. Users also can complain about electricity-related problems like a complaint about the transformer, electricity problems at home, wire damage and overload of the powerhouse, etc.

Users can also see the information related to the Main powerhouse and its sub powerhouses like can take the information of the Senior Engineer and Junior Engineer of the corresponding powerhouse, can also check the load of the powerhouse and its number of workers.

Users can aware of the latest updates related to electricity and can take advantage of the latest information according to need.

The main purpose of the Electricity Information System website is to connect users directly with the administrator and for complaints related to Electricity.


Location of Electricity– In which can see the place where the problem occurs in electricity.
Duration in rectifying Electricity problem– can update with the electricity rectification timing, and how much time is taken to rectify the electricity problem.
The report related to Electricity– Make a report related to complaints and report related to whole information about powerhouse.
Query related to electricity– The user can query related electricity problems and related JE of the powerhouse and its workers.

Data Flow Diagrams:

Level 0 & 1 DFD below:

Electricity Information System Level 0 & 1 Data Flow Diagram

Level 2 DFD below:

Electricity Information System Level 2 Data Flow Diagram

ER Diagram Below:

ER Diagram of Electricity System


The proposed Electricity Information System project will have its main page and modules as:

  • Login Module.
  • Admin master module.
  • Search module.
  • Validation handler.
  • Report Generation module.
  • Response master module.

Software Requirements:-

WAMP Server
Text Editor: (Sublime, Dreameviewer)
Front-End: HTML,CSS
Back-End: MySQL, PHP

Scope of the Project

Scope of the Electricity Information System project gives Sartnesss to the village, town areas, and also for the powerhouse admin.


  • This Electricity Information System application can be used in power stations so that they can save time, and reduce headaches.
  • Users also can update with the electricity changes.
  • Easy to complain About the electricity situation.
  • Electricity will be live on the network.

Design & Development of Educational Institutions Grievances Portal Project

Currently, there is a portal name Grievances portal similar to this. In the grievances, portal people can share their local problems and their solutions are provided by anyone. But in our portal people can share problems of any region and they are taken up by colleges of the region facing problems. This helps several institutes to work collaboratively on a large scale.


This Educational Institutions Grievances Portal Project report gives a scope description and overview of everything included in the Project Report.

The following is the overview:


The purpose of this report is to give a detailed description of finding and solving common issues with educational institutions. It will illustrate the complete declaration and purpose for the development of the system. It will illustrate an interaction, constraints, and interface between different users of the system.

System Overview:

This Grievances Portal Project takes the problems faced by students of a particular institute as input in the form of upvotes or posting a problem. All users have to log in using Google authentication facebook or any social media platform. This helps to keep the track of users participating.

The institute first has to register so that it is possible to keep a track of which colleges are participating. All the passwords of institutes are encoded using ​md5 ​and the colleges can then take up the problems about a particular locality and can do collaborative projects to solve them.

The solutions are generally provided in the form of videos which is easily understandable to the local public. But before posting solutions, the colleges have to first check for the authenticity of the problems. They can mark any solution as duplicate or bogus.

This ensures any unrelevant problems from reaching admin and the system is thus maintained. Finally, a report is generated in the form of an excel sheet that helps the admin to know problems existing in our country. This file can be downloaded as well.

Model of Solution:


The Grievances Portal Project aims for semantic text/web page classifications. It provides a better and more comprehensible platform for posting college-level problems and finding solutions. It is extremely user-friendly and easy to use.

Objective / Future scope:

● Define a mechanism to decide ​the count of votes needed to approve an issue
● Once voting is closed for an issue i.e. when the issue is upvoted by the number of users count of votes needed to approve an issue, then the upvote facility will be closed and the system immediately sends a notification to all the related institutes.
● There should be a way to maintain “Reputed Institutes”
● Admin should be able to see which Institutes are working on that problem.
● Each problem should have a thread on which registered users may discuss its solution or upvote or downvote the solutions also.
● The emails of users sending “bogus approved issues” may be blocked when marked as bogus as colleges​

Functional and non-functional requirements:

Grievances Portal Project website there are three types of users:

● Citizens
● Institute
● Admin

All users get the same view of the website with similar functionalities but they all perform different tasks.

Functional Requirements:

User Functions

1. Sign Up
2. Can change his/her profile
3. To add an issue
4. Users may also look for issues in any region
5. Can visit a problem description directly through a URL and upvote for it.
6. Users cannot upvote the same issue more than once.
7. Will be notified through email to approve if any solution is available for any of the problems he has upvoted for.

Institute Functions

1. Institutes will have a login

2. After login they will be able to see the issues of ​their region only​ like

a. Unsolved issues (approved)
b. Issues with solutions

System Functions

1. Knows list of Institutes per district
2. Gets added issues and stores
3. Keeps a track of upvotes per issue – Once upvotes reach a ​threshold ​the issue is notified to all the Institutes in that region or district via email. (Institutes can see approved issues of their region via their login as well).

  • Problems of a district may be shown to that region instead of that district
  • Institutes of nearby districts may fall under the same region.
  • Or simply it can be forwarded to the Institutes falling in the same district.

4. Once an Institute submits a solution, the system notifies all the users who upvoted for that issue. So that they may approve the solution.

5. Will know how many solutions an Institute has provided. It means how many of them are solved issues.
6. Long pending issues should be notified to UGC who then will notify the Institutes
7. Institute should be notified when its solution is approved.

Administrator Function

Reports to be generated

The technology stack used:

Backend: PHP.
Frontend: Html, Jquery, javascript, Ajax, bootstrap.

Implementation strategy:

1. Initially, the whole template was designed to suit our requirements.
2. Bootstrap was used for the development of the template of this website (SB Admin 2)
3. All pages were then linked which made the division of work easier.
4. The whole backend was made using PHP.
5. There were various event listeners used in this system like on focus, click, change, etc., which were implemented using JS and Jquery.
6. Almost all pages had the same page refresh and reload for which we have used AJAX.


1. Our team has completed a Web Application
2. Product Design was a crucial point in the development
3. We now have a complete understanding of how a website works from start to end
4. We learned a new language – AJAX. We also strengthened our knowledge in PHP, JS, and Jquery.
5. Most importantly, we learned how to work in a team.
6. The future scope of our specified in the Goals -> Objectives section.

Simple Hotel Management System Project Using HTML and CSS

Project Title: Hotel Management System

Introduction: This project is about the hotel management system. There are different types of apps are circulating all around which gives us an idea about the new system of hotel management. The sites like Oyo, trivago, and just dial are the best successful startups in India which define how people are shifting from the offline area to online ones. People now prefer the easy way that always makes their life easy.

In this project, we develop a web page for a hotel management site that includes the type of rooms, login, and signup options for the new users who want to join the site for further uses. Different types are rooms are categorized under one section of the web page, check-in and checkout options are available we can online book the rooms and after any further query, we can modify or drop our room type or our booking.

And also it includes the address and contact number of the officials and members of the hotel if there is any issue is there for any customer they can easily contact and resolve their issue.

Nowadays we all know very well that people are shifted to the world of the internet. If any random person goes to some unknown place and needs to take the hotel what he can do in an unknown place. That is why the internet is the best thing around us. Our HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based web application project is to develop a hotel management system.

It consists of hotel booking, Types of rooms, classes of rooms, and different booking sites. How people can contact the manager to get the details or to consult for future booking the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts are also linked to the homepage.

This website is developed using HTML & to add designs and make it more attractive we used CSS and JavaScript to make it as best as we can. Different photos are included to give customers about the hotel.

This system is used to book hotel rooms and it is also used on OYO and other booking sites. Checkin and Checkout options are included with Signup and Login as an Existing Customer or new Customer options available.


In our group, three members are present. The preparation of the synopsis for this project is made and the layout for the project is created. The coding part is done by all the members of the group as we manage to create a better layout with different ideas and different views that can create the best of one web page for us.

Contents of the web page:

• Home page
• Room type
• Location
• Contact us
• Address
• Prices and offers
• About us

This web page is developed using HTML, CSS, and javaScript. HTML is used to prepare the main web page for the hotel booking system. CSS is used to make it more attractive and elegant. Customers are always attracted to the attraction we made for them. different types of loading are used for different font styling in it.

Different links are provided on the home page to get into from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. On this web page, you can select different types of rooms on basis of your requirement as ac, and non-ac rooms are available. Customers can book the rooms online and made online payments and book your room. This site is just like how Oyo and different booking sites work.

Some other web applications for Hotel Management System

Hotel Reservation Application Spring MVC Hibernate Project

Spring & Hibernate-based Hotel Room Booking MVC Project Code.

C#.Net Project Synopsis on Hotel Management System


This project is divided into 3 parts:

The first part is named the HM file which deals with the coding of the main home page of hotel booking sites and all the details of the hotel are included in this code.

The second part is named CSS style. This file deals with the programming in CSS which gives the HTML home page styling and helped it to look far more attractive in it. This module gives the looks and makes it attractive for visitors.

The third part is included the different codes for the elegant different font styles. There are 3 different files present here for the fonts. Different images are included here and also a logo is there for the developer.

Online Vehicle Insurance Management System Project Idea


This Insurance Management System project is a website or web application mainly for persons who are willing to buy insurance for their vehicles. Through this website, it will be easier to find a suitable.

The main intention of building this website is to provide users to choose their budget and the best package for their vehicle. We have tried to maintain all the information of the insurance plan which is easily understandable to the users and makes it easy to find the plan.

This system helps the user to get a different kind of insurance.


The Online Vehicle Insurance website is to provide services for people who need insurance by getting help from the agents.

There are seven main modules in this system.

User Login:

In the login section, a user can log in to his account using his user id and password to share and update all the information like vehicle type, age, location, last insurance date, and contact number and he/she can submit the information.


In this module, the user can register the plan in which he/she is interested in providing the vehicle number, PUC, other papers of the vehicle, E-Mail, and ID proof.

Why take insurance:

In this module, people who are interested in insurance but have some confusion will find some Q&A here like,
• Why should people take insurance?
• What happens when I give or take insurance?
• How many plans are available? What kinds of plans are there
• Is taking insurance good?

Insurance Types :

• Liability Insurance
• Collision Insurance
• Personal Insurance
• Comprehensive Insurance


• Recent Policies
• Product

Expiry Date:

• Car type
• Car registration
• Select Policy

About Us

This webpage serves the information about the developers of the website.
Address of the developers and their contact information.

Data Flow Diagram:

Vehicle Insurance System DFD

Raspberry Pi Project on Intelligent Door Access Management System

Today the world has been far more advanced in technology than in the last 3 decades and with that, there are advances in the technologies that help to keep our homes safe. With the help of IoT now we can track our house even when we are on vacation.

The significance and the purpose of our Door Access Management System are to make the user’s home much safer by increasing security and giving the user full control of the system.


Background of Project

When we are at work, we may have an important meeting and may not be in time to receive our guests and they may need to wait outside. The same may happen if we are on a vacation and to safeguard from Intruders.

The duty of an Engineer is to provide solutions for the problems faced every day with upcoming technologies and we have come up with a model which will help to solve them.

Statement of the problem

This project will create a smart doorbell messaging system so that when a guest clicks on the button, obtains an image of the user via a camera peripheral, uploads the image and event data to a Googles Firebase cloud, and sends a messaging with some message to notify that a guest has arrived.

Aims and Objectives of the project

The main objective of the project is to make a Smart door system. The other objectives are: –

  • To include an access button to allow the user to open/close the door


The main components of the Intelligent Door Access Management System are as follows:

  • Raspberry pi 3    
  • Push-button 
  • Logitech Camera                                                     
  • Stepper motor


The first step was to make an interface between the Push button and the Camera using Raspberry Pi so that when the button was pressed the camera would take a picture. The next step is to connect the camera to the Firebase Cloud to upload the images in the Firebase Storage and send the image’s URL to the Firebase Database.

Next using Android Studio, a Mobile application was designed to retrieve the image from the Firebase Database. Using Node JS push messaging is also added along with the mobile app such that when someone is at the door a notification pops out. They can Open or Close the door using the buttons in the app. When pressed the data is sent to Firebase Database and retrieved by the Raspberry Pi which then operates the door.

Flow Diagram

Block Diagram of Door Access System

Bill of Materials:


Cost (in Rs.)

Logitech camera


Raspberry Pi 3B


Micro-Stepper motor


Push Button







Future scope

  • Face recognition can be implemented to allow family members /regular guests
  • It can be integrated with a burglar alarm and inform the police of intruders 


The project “Intelligent Door Access Management System” has been tested real-world scenario and the door is opened or closed by the commands given by the user

Development of IoT Project on Intelligent Cargo Management System

The integration of such sensors in cargo has paved the way for intelligent transportation. These integrated systems are competent in delivering reliable details about the quality of the goods during their depository time.

To reach this goal, we use a variety of sensors suited for monitoring the safety of food products and goods by recording the transition of parameters like temperature, humidity, and air quality, fire detection.

This information is transmitted wirelessly to the IBM cloud providing an interface where the authorized person can observe the product quality over time and also receives alert messages in case of bad air quality and abnormal conditions.

Block Diagram:

Block Diagram of Intelligent Cargo Management System

An Intelligent Cargo Management System app is designed for selecting the type of goods to be stored in the truck, for door automation, and retrieving the values from the sensor.

Initially, the authorized person of the truck has to select the type of goods stored in the truck through the Cargo Management System app. Based on the selection, the temperature and humidity values at which the goods are supposed to be stored will be known. Using the DHT11 sensor, the actual temperature and humidity inside the truck can be known.

The temperature and humidity values can be obtained from the app. By comparing these values, a message will be sent to the authorized person asking him/her to turn on the AC or the heater in any abnormal conditions.

The air quality inside the truck is constantly monitored using MQ135 sensor. If the quality of the air inside the truck is bad, a message is sent to the authorized person regarding the same.

Through this goods can be maintained in constant conditions and their quality is maintained for a longer time. A fire sensor is also deployed in the truck to detect fire. If the fire is detected, the buzzer rings alerting the driver of the fire. The door of the truck is automated using a servo motor.

The authorized person of the truck can open or close the door of the truck using the Cargo Management System app.

GPS-based Child Tracker with Emergency Text Alerts IoT Project

The hectic life of parents makes it very difficult to personally look after the kids. To overcome the problem of personal monitoring of children, we have come up with the idea of a GPS-based tracker with text alerts when the child is not present in the specified region.

Problem Statement:

To solve the problem of difficulty in keeping a check on children while they are playing in open areas while letting the children have their freedom to play from constantly being mocked by parents and to monitor the whereabouts of children by working parents. There is a similar project on Women Security System that can be seen here

Project Working Process:

Hardware Components

  • Arduino UNO
  • GPS Module
  • GSM/GPRS Module 

Software’s Used

  • Arduino IDE
  • Android (MIT App Inventor)

In this context, the solution we propose is a GPS-based Child Tracker with Emergency Text Alerts android application that can help the parents in tracking the presence of their children. This application works with the help of android mobile-enabled with the ‘SMS’ feature and ‘Global-Positioning System (GPS)’ on the GSM network.

This Child Tracker with Emergency Notifier application works in two ways, the first is GPS-based is related to the Location services, and the second is SMS-based which is related to Network services. In case when the Location-based services not working then the application alternatively use Network-based services that can send and receive messages.

Block Diagram:


The GSM and GPS module is connected to Arduino Uno. The GSM module has a sim (data) through which we can receive message alerts and the GPS helps to track the location.

The data is sent to the cloud from GSM using AT commands and HTTP. The cloud is connected to the mobile app and the data is displayed in the app installed on the parent’s mobile.

Useful Projects on Self Security in Emergency Situations:

Self Security through GPS based Protection System

Stay Safe Women Security Android App Project Report

The GPS-based Child Tracker with Emergency Text Alerts app is integrated with maps and geo-fence.

The GPS is connected to Arduino using a VCC pin, GND pin, RX pin, and TX pin. Connections: VCC to 3V3, GND to GND, RX to TX, and TX to RX respectively. GSM is connected to Arduino using VCC, GND, RX, and TX pins. Connections: VCC to 5V, GND to GND, pin 3 to TX, pin 4 to RX respectively.

A tiny GPS++ library is included. Using IBM cloud (node-red flow editor) the data is sent to a mobile app developed using MIT app inventor.

Automatic Vehicle Accident Alert System using IBM Cloud

In this Automatic Vehicle Accident Alert System project, we are using Node MCU, Arduino UNO, Accelerometer, and GPS module to store the location of the vehicle and to send an immediate alert message to the nearby hospitals, police stations…etc. Here we use serial communication to send the information from Arduino to Node MCU.

The Arduino receives the latitude and longitude values of the vehicle from the GPS module. The accelerometer reads the XYZ axis values. These values are read by Arduino. The XYZ values are compared with the condition given in the code to check whether the vehicle is met with an accident or not.

If the vehicle is met with an accident, latitude, and longitude values are copied to the NodeMCU, and the message is sent to the nearby police stations, and hospitals using the msg91 application. The GPS location of the vehicle is continuously stored in the IBM cloud.

Block Diagram:

Block Diagram of Vehicle Accident Detection

Hardware components:

  • Arduino
  • Node MCU
  • GPS Module- NEO-6m
  • Accelerometer- ADXL-335

Software Components:

  • Arduino IDE
  • IBM Cloud
  • msg91