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The project entitled “ONLINE COMPUTER STORE” is a web-based application software developed in ASP.Net using C# as front end and SQL Server as a backend.

Client Server Technology

Client/ Server with RDBMS and Web-Based Application

The proposed Online Computer Store system comes under Client/ Server with RDBMS category, as there is need to manipulate the transaction online network based for multi-user and faster and the quires output in quick successive time and also the highly secured. This Online Computer Store project is categorized as Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) which is base on client-server architecture. In client Server architecture the interface for use is created in any programming language (Front-end) and the database where data is stored is called back end. The user interface is treated as a client to which user request for data and user interface sends the user request to the server as database and the server returns the data required by the client program manipulation.


(A) Hardware Requirement-

• PROCESSORS: Pentium 4/Celeron/Dual Core/ Core 2 Duo/Core i 3 /Core i 5
• RAM :1 GB/2 GB/4 GB
• HDD:40 GB /80 GB/160 GB


(B) Software Requirement-

Internet Technology:
Front End
 ASP.Net
Language: C#
Scripting Language: Java Script.
Web Server: IIS(Internet Information Server)
Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows XP sp2, sp3, Windows 2000 server, Windows server 2003
Application: Web-Based Application


Basically, there are four modules. They are as follows-

1. Admin
2. Customer
3. Support
4. Report generation

1. ADMIN- An ‘ADMIN’ is a person who manages all the deeds related to the product. For instance-
• Product creation
• Change price list
• Set discount & offers
• Check the minimum level of product
• Daily sale/purchase report

2. PRODUCT ENTRY- A ‘CUSTOMER’ is a person who visits on the site, make his account, login to the site and then take services given by the providers of the site. For instance-
• New registration
• Login for existing member
• Paid a sales invoice
• Product delivery report

3. PRODUCT PURCHASE- The ‘SUPPORT’ is an area where consumers can give their views and advices related to the product. For instance-
• Customer feedback entry
• Solution of feedback
• Product query.

4. USER LOGIN- The ‘REPORT GENERATION’ module defines all the information related to the project. For instance-
• Customer status report
• Supplier status report
• Product status report



Admin: This entity store Username and password of the administrator.

Name Data type Key Constraints
Username varchar(20) Primary key Not Null
Password varchar(20) Not Null

MEMBER: This entity store the information of new member.

Name Data type Key Constraints
First name varchar(20) Not Null
Last name varchar(20) Not Null
Address Varchar(100) Not Null
City varchar(20) Not Null
Country varchar(20) Not Null
Contact No. numeric
Email varchar(40) Primary Key
Password varchar(20) Not Null


Product Category: This entity store information of products category like mobile, computer, electronic items etc.

Name Data type Key Constraints
Category_Id int Primary Key
Category Name varchar(20) Not Null

Product Item:
 This entity store the information of product items.

Name Data type Key Constraints
Product_Id int Primary key
Category_Id int Foreign Key
Product Name varchar(20) Not Null
Rate numeric Not Null
Unit numeric Not Null
Opening Stock numeric Not Null

Product_trans: This entity store the information of product transition.

Name Data type Key Constraints
Invoice No int Primary key
Member_Id int Foreign
Product_Id int Foreign
Trans_Date int Not null
Qty Numeric Not null
Amount Numeric Not null
Discount Numeric Not null
Net _amount Numeric Not null
Trans_Mode Numeric Not null

Product Supplier:
 This entity store the information of product Supplier.

Name Data type Key Constraints
Supplier_id int Primary key
Product_id int Foreign key
Purchase_Date Date Not null
Qty Numeric Not null
Total amount Numeric Not null
Discount Numeric
Net Amount Numeric Not null
Payment mode int Not null


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