UML Diagrams for Online Blood Bank System

Introduction to UML Diagrams for Online Blood Bank System:

The Online Blood Bank has motive for the social service. The bank has details of the all donor and recipient information. The Bank has many registered donors who have always focused to donate blood for emergency. Our job is completed by having the donors and their details, the recipient has to contact, if they seek blood. 

The persons who are interested in donating of blood can contact us and registered with us to help the society. The registered donors should felt proud that they are doing a good job for the cause of the society. 

There are two different modules in the Online Blood Bank System.

  1. Admin module
  2. Donor module 

The Admin module has details of the donors and the recipients. The donor and the recipients are provided with the particular identity and password. The member will be provided a login interface for the entry of the Id and password. The functions are there in the module like Change password, manage donor details, manage referrals, update and upgrade donor details, view the reviews, logout. 

The Donor module also provides the Id and the password which is given to every particular registered member. By login to the module the user can perform the functions like change password, search the blood group, about donating blood, the persons seeks the blood, search donor, send a reference to a friend, logout. 

The Online Blood Bank System has developed on the Software interfaces consists of the Windows 2000 or XP operating system, SQL Server 2000 RDBMS, VS. NET 2008 and ASP. NET programming. 

The hardware required is 128 MB RAM with 20 GB hard disk. 

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