Online Examination Project Documentation

Introduction to Online Examination Project:

What are the users bemoan storable needs

User needs a web-based system. In this system if the user is facing a problem it will remove and .

Web-based system reduce the paper work and it provider easy of work to do.

How can the problem be redefined?

The problems of existing system can be slowed by marking a layout of the system on paper. We will see the problem and needs of the existing system and requirements the problems. Also, it has factors such as cost, effort, time, labor

Specification Report;

System interface It will not access the data from any other application it is self contained system.

User Interface;

Application will be accessed through the Browser interface. The s/w would be fully compatible with Microsoft interface Explorer for version 6 without logging the system no user can access the application.

Communication interface;

The system should be accessed over LAN/WAN. FOR clients the n/w should be accessed TCP/IP protocol.


Client side: interactive operations using options provided in the application.

Server side: Database backup should be restored.

User characteristic:

The end user of s/w can be divided into 2 Administrator and operator.

Bottlenecks Identified in existing system;

In existing system maintain education related information is shared in the form of documents and hard copies. This method causes waste of paper in order to overcome this problem we use online database for storing files and data ,hard-copied documents leads the following problem. Such as lack of space, filling poses as problem, filleting is not easy, Reviewing becomes time consuming

Need for the new system:

A computerized system is required to solve the problems and handles the works.

A web based application is required for providing a working environment that is flexible and easy to working environment that is flexible and easy to work and rebuke the time.

Aims and Objectives:

The purpose of the proposed system is to provide comprehensive computerized system. Which will collect, capture and analyze the data from the impact of the program. 

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