Online Voting System Project Documentation

Introduction to Online Voting System Project:

Online voting system project is implemented in Asp.Net platform using Mysql database as back end. Main aim of online voting system is to develop an online application like online reservation system, for citizens who are above 18 years of age to vote through online. Using these system citizens of India can vote through online without visiting polling booth. A centralized database is maintained by election commission of India where citizens information is maintained when ever citizen is using online voting system his/her information is authenticated with the data present in database if user is not in the list he cannot use online voting system.


Users are provided with a online registration form before voting user should fill online form and submit details these details are compared with details in database and if they match then user is provided with username and password using this information user can login and vote. If conditions are not correct entry will be canceled.

Advantages of using this application is time saving and voting percentage can be increased and high security can be implied for preventing false voting.

This application contains two level of user’s administrator level and voter level where each level has different functionality. Election commission of India will update voter’s details to database regularly.

In online voting system project document students can find dfd diagrams, ER diagrams, system modeling diagrams, class diagrams, database tables design and screen shots.

Download online voting system project documentation from this link.


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