Online Discussion Groups Project Abstract

Introduction to Online Discussion Groups Project:

The Online Discussion groups are Forums and also termed as the Newsgroups. The Newsgroup includes the registered members of the website and accessible to the visitors to retrieve the news and updates. The portal is made for the discussion of any topic between the group members and interact with one another by chatting or sending messages which can be seen by the visitor too. 

The communication between the members of the group or forum have great interaction between them and the take part in the discussion in a topic that can be limited or out of the sections. 

The Proposed system consists of four modules: 

  1. Registration module: The module is prepared for the users who are members, they can make, send and share the messages.
  2. Topic Making: The topic of the discussion is made when the user registers themselves.
  3. Post Message: The message can be sent in the group to interact with each other.
  4. Observer the Message Reply: The module prepares the user to view message and reply the message to communicate with each other.

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