Online Voting System Project Abstract

The Project is developed for the threat free and user oriented Online Voting System. The Online Voting system is made for the people of the country residing around the world and wants to vote for their representative. The election can be conducted in two ways the paper ballot election and the automated ballot elections.

The automated ballot elections are called the electronic voting. The online voting system is highly developed and the online polling system can be replaced by accurately and directly voting online and immediate results. The online voting system is done by the internet so it can be called the Internet Voting. 

The Existing System 

The existing system is manual and the paper based voting which is voted on paper and counted manually. The electronic tabulation brings new kind of voting system in which the electronic cards with all candidates symbol is marked manually and this can be counted electronically. The electronic voting systems are now different types known as the punch card, mark sense and the digital pen voting systems. 

The Electronic Ballot Marker makes the voter more easy to vote by providing the selections on the display to vote present on the electronic machine. 

The direct recording electronic voting machine is one which provides the display that can be start when the voter touches the display consists of the mechanical and electro optical buttons, software that accepts the vote and possesses a image or symbol on the display.

The electronic ballots are connected with the central ballot systems which directly accept and get the updated record of all ballots. The central ballot system applies the Precinct count method which calculates the all votes from the ballots present at polling centers. The results are immediate. 

The Proposed System 

The online voting system is for the citizens from all overIndiathat consists of the data and information

  1. The database of the Voter’s information and details
  2. Voter’s Id
  3. Calculation of total votes
  4. Checking information by the voter
  5. Remove wrong information
  6. The information immediately transfers to Election Commission.


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