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The online job portal system is between job seekers and job providers (companies). The Job seeker can easily find and apply for a job by login into the system. The Employer or company can quickly get an expert employee from our job portal site by posting a job.

Create a web application for a company that job seekers will use to apply to the job requirements.

We will create a front end where users will view jobs.

There will be a login page that also has register functionality.

The user will be taken to the home page after login, where they can view different jobs.


  1. Job seeker/Employee
  • able to view register/login
  • Search jobs
  1. Employer-
  • Users- view all registered users
  • Jobs – add jobs based on category
  • Delete jobs
  • Edit jobs
  • View jobs

Cloud Tech Stack

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

AWS Aurora


AWS Cloud Watch

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