Online Shopping Portal Project Report

Introduction to Online Shopping Portal Project:

E-shop is a web based or online application on the internet where customer can explore the online shopping and services of the company. For instance a company who runs its business online websites through internet. The first and foremost preference of the company is to keep its customer always aware of its products and its prices. 

E shopping company targets the customers and keep in touch with them by getting data from every customer from all its branches and resources, it may be through phone, mails, website or field. This data or details of its customers can be used in implementing the business policies like marketing, services; customers help desk or improving sales. 

E- shop companies makes their all details on the website for their customers information, similarly they keep their customers data for study  to market their products directly to them via emails, phone, presenting discounts on products. Like wise the company provides the best services to its customers and also connected with them. 

To establish a business in present world is a difficult task and it requires high proficiency and improved productivity of company. Now the manual work of sales and marketing is difficult because it is time consuming and one way approach, this is transuded into automated streamline which do all works from a single computer. 

The online shopping reduces the manpower and time. Our business policy is based on E shopping. Our computer system tackles the sales of Electronic products and Services.

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