Online Share Trading Portal

Online share trading portal application in java web application where stock exchange related information is shared by online stock brokers.  This application provides features like creating new accounts, tracking transactions , feedback system, listing updated content .

Features of Online Share Trading Portal:

Trading strategy

Put simply, your career online trading is going to be made or broken depending upon the trading strategy that you select. Chose wisely, your strategy will take advantage of the most opportune moments of when to buy and sell stock and, thus, will protect your profits. On the other hand, chose poorly and you could find yourself losing thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars in a few minutes. Here, your trading strategy is going to be dependent on which one (or even all) of the four types of online stock traders you are going to be, namely a:

(1) long-term trader who keeps hold of his stock for one or more years
(2) medium-term trader who keeps hold of his stock anywhere from 1 month to six months

(3) a short-term trader who keeps hold of his stock anywhere from a week to a month
(4) a day trader who buys and sells stock in the same day.

Without over emphasizing it, in most cases the longer you keep hold of the stock, the more chance there is that you will make a profit from your online trading. However, there are very real possibilities that you can make lots of profits day trading online – if you know what you are doing.

Online trading software

If nothing else, the Information Age should have shown you that having access to information at the right time will mean the difference between making a profit and making a loss. To assist you with all your online trading information needs, you should give serious consideration to purchasing an online stock trading software program, which can provide you with technical charts, real time stock prices and historical data about stock that you can then use to analyse whether or not to buy/sell the stock in question. 

Stock charts

Stock charts are used and analyzed by an online trader in order to help him determine when to buy and sell stock. The main types of stock charts in use include:
Line charts: which, as the name suggests, is a line on a chart connecting stock price over a period of time (can be minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or even years).
Bar charts: similar to line chart, however the information contained is the open, high, low and close price of the stock for one particular day.
Reference chart – charts the stocks price and trading volume and is used to plot where the stock price may go to. 

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