Obstacle Avoiding Robot using 8051 Project

Robotics is the portion of present connection. ROBOTICS is the rapid development and interesting area in present globe. This is the simplest method for changeable modern technology. Presently, communication is the portion of modern method and hence we conclude the operations on ROBOTICS fields and concepts which will create the human life easy in routine concept and hence we assist this reason.                                                                                                                                    

The Obstacle Avoiding Robot using 8051 Project is the foundation level of any automatic robot. The technology has enough conceptual to include the great field of given area. This includes infrared nuclear that are applied to identify the hurdles which comes in the field of ROBOT. This would move under specific way and ignore the hurdles that are happening under its way. There are two methods, two D.C motors, which are utilized to provide movement for the ROBOT. The manufacturing of the circuit ROBOT is simple and little. The technological parts utilized under the circuits are simply present and it is also inexpensive.

The zero voltage is seen and hence µc concludes to ignore the hurdles through turning from left or right. When the sensor produces +5v to µc which implies there is no hurdles found in the way and hence it moves straight unless and until any hurdle is found.

There are two IR transmitter circuits which are present on left and front side of robot. The two IR sensors are positioned to IR LEDs of transmitters. The connections are produced from important circuit to sensors with the help of common twisted pair cables. There are two motors namely left motor and right motor which are communicated to driver IC (L293D).


The Obstacle Avoiding Robot using 8051 Project makes use of µc P89V51RD2 like the managing component. This makes use of two IR transmitting circuitry and IR (Infra Red) sensor. If the hurdles are found under the way of robot then IR beam gets back from the hurdles and hence sensor produces zero voltage to µc.

Download Obstacle Avoiding Robot using 8051 Project.

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