Autonomous Robot Project Abstract

Autonomous robot project main objective is to develop a application which can sense objects in the path when vehicle is in move. This application uses Infra red sensor technology to sense objects which are present in front of the moving object. Infra red is a regularly used in short distance remote systems like audio and video systems like tv and audio systems. This application works for only short distance. 

This application uses GP2Y0A21YK0F which is a distance measuring sensor which is integrated with IR,PSD and IRED. In general there are many factors like temperature, and environmental factors which will cause sensors a wrong information or errors in calculating distance but in this system triangular method is used which solve this problem and calculate accurate distance between objects. This sensors can also be used as proximity sensors and the distance measurement is from 10 to 80 cm. 

The micro controller always measures the voltage giving by the sensor and whenever the obstacle occurs it takes a control action to turn into a left/right direction. Hence the robot avoids the colliding from any object. 


  • In military applications
  • Industrial automation
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