Blind Stick Robot Projects Abstract


Blind stick Robot projects main idea is to implement a application which can sense the vehicle path and trace details using a wireless system for a autonomous robot.

This project use Infrared technology to trace the shorter distance objects. Infrared works as a remote wireless system which is mainly used for shorter distance communication like television and audio systems. This paper contains working principle of the project with hardware requirement along with block diagram.



  Robot direction control is based on the obstacle sensing using IR sensor which gives the voltage depends on the distance of object. This voltage is fed to the analog to digital converter.  Micro controller reads the digital data and controls the robot direction to the left or right. 


  • At89s52
  • LCD
  • L293d
  • Robot
  • IR sensor
  • MCP 3208 


  • Functionality of Microcontroller
  • Embedded C programming
  • Concept of IR sensor 
download  Blind Stick Robot  Project Abstract.

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