Robot Teleportation Based On Gprs Project

Robot Teleoperation Based On Gprs Robotics Project Description:

 Robot Teleoperation Based On Gprs project is basically a control system to control the robot from large distance through a GPRS enabled mobile or a personal computer which has internet connection. This project works on mobile telephony network and packet radio service. This application is implemented in java programming language using two telephone methods. 

This system works on two technologies mainly wireless mobile communication and integrated data transfer technologies. This application runs on two control methods. In first method user will send commands form application interface developed in mobile device and the second one is sending commands to the server which are routed to the robot with help of timers. Timers are used for sending signals one after other with out creating a congestion and confusion in taking actions by robot.

In this project we develop a user friendly GUI for front end which will be loaded on mobile phones. And GPS/GSM technology works at a frequency of (1900 MHZ). Server side application is also developed using java serve lets.

download Robot Teleoperation Based On Gprs project Reference document.


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