Network Security Using Quantum Cryptography PPT Presentation

Introduction to Network Security Using Quantum Cryptography Presentation :

While talking about security system the first question that comes to your mind is how a secure system develops and how can you build the system. But with the latest advancement of technology nowadays every individual experience a secure network and the utmost benefit of safe network is availed by the numerous people. There are some technical specifications that are related with internet and network such as dial-up connection, ISP and others but there might be some security factors that clicks on your mind.

 You may think about hacking of the system or the data may be corrupted or stolen so you need to also consider a security system for protecting your data and the hackers are there to collapse all the stages of security. There is no security that cannot be hacked.  

The security system is structured and developed in different layers and the security system may depend on the operating system. The article is based on cryptography science as well. There are usually two types of cryptography such as symmetric and asymmetric. There are some limitations allied with both the cryptographic systems.

On account of the negative aspects of basic Cryptographic Systems, we should concentrate on the Quantum cryptography which has power, confidentiality as well as privacy that are related with laws of physics when compared with mathematical postulations of classical cryptography. This article describes the basics of quantum cryptography and its traditional concept of key distribution problem.    But there is a wide scope of discussing quantum cryptography in commercial implementations. 

Quantum cryptography assures to modernize secure communication by offering security derived from the fundamental laws of physics, in preference to the current state of mathematical algorithms or computing technology. There are some technical problems to prevail over for instance low transmission rate in the present network infrastructure. 

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