Network Monitor .Net Project Abstract

Network Monitor is a powerful and featureful monitoring tool for Windows. It works as a Windows Service and check system status and provides information regarding available services, running services, stopped services, available drivers, stopped drivers, running drivers utilizes and other administrator tasks.

Network Monitor .Net Project is developed with Visual Basic .NET and use WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation). It crawls over the network for, but can be made to start manually with some configuration settings. Network Crawler not only provides a feature to monitor the system but also provides the administrators to configure different areas of the system

Network Monitor uses the inbuilt feature of Windows Management Instrumentation to interact with the lower levels of system configuration. A system, which is configured as per the configuration, will give a better performance.

The notification feature enables the administrator to avail information regarding the system even when he/she is not at the same location as that of the system.


• Provide a Single environment from where an administrator can interact with the system resources with in the network.
• Provides Info regarding the no of services running on the system.
• To provide an upgrade support for the system resources.
• Provides interface to interact with the system parameters like network settings, OS Settings, Services, Process et.
• Provides means of reporting the system setting to a person through email. There by an administrator can know the status of a systems throughout the network



Visual Studio .Net Enterprise Edition
Visual Studio .Net Framework (Minimal for Deployment)

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