Mobile Sync .Net Project Abstract

1) Introduction

Mobiles are becoming an inevitable part of modern society. People using mobiles to make calls, to send and read sms, to store contact information, to store person files, photos, videos and music etc. Mobiles so became an important storage device with lot of personal and business related information and messages.

The necessity of the information security is increased in this context. So a mobile backup mechanism is important for the people who think their mobile contents should be secured.

2) Challenge

Challenge is to create a mechanism to synchronize the mobile contents with the backup server online. The items need to be synchronized are incoming sms, contacts, videos, photos and music. This process should be made as simple as a click of a button.

3) Proposed Solution

Proposed solution is a Windows mobile client application which will allow users to simply click and upload the mobile contents to a personalized backup server online. Users will have an option to select the items which they don’t want to take a backup. Application will show the last synchronized time and the necessity to do sync.

Proposed solution also contains a web site to see the uploaded contents online and a web service to interact the web site and the windows mobile client application.

4) Technology

Technologies used are

• Microsoft .Net
• Visual C# language
• ASP.Net
• ASP.Net web service
• SQL Server

5) System Diagram

6) Future enhancements

Mobile Sync can be developed further to restore the back up data to a new mobile in case if the user’s mobile lost or damaged.

7) Conclusion

Mobile backup mechanism may become an inbuilt feature for all mobiles in future. But unfortunately this option is not present now. The importance of Mobile Sync is increasing in this context.

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