Citizen Card System Project Abstract

Introduction to Citizen Card System Project:

The project ’Citizen Card system’ provides us the data regarding the citizen of a country. Every citizen has a unique Id to trace the personal data in each and every division or service that he enters. The data can be traced using the unique Id of that particular citizen. In case a citizen wishes to use the services or utilities by the Government or private institutions, he ought to go to the various divisions with varied Id for that specific division. But a citizen card allows the citizen to enjoy all the services and utilities under a single card. The citizen card system assists us in gaining the data regarding the services or utilities as well as providing the data regarding the conduct of the citizen in credit rating.

The prevailing system is a system operated by humans and the citizen requires to reserve his data through excel sheets or disk drives, but there is always a risk of losing the data due to mismanagement. The suggested system is more user-friendly and makes the entire project maintenance very uncomplicated and manageable.

This system motivates people to get the Citizen Card, which is a multi-purpose card. This is a social responsible website and functions on the principles of the citizen data and strengthening the citizen safety in the country. The citizen card system has eight modules which are Administrator, Citizens, Guest, Managers, Issue citizen cards, Search, Authentication and Web services.

.Hardware Requirements:

An Intel Pentium or above Processor, a RAM of 512 MB, a Hard disk of 20 GB are required.

Software Requirements:

A Windows XP or later Operating System Server, a Database server-Microsoft SQL Server-2005, Client-Microsoft Internet Explorer, User Interface-Asp.Net with Ajax, code behind-VC#.Net and tools- Microsoft Visual Studio.Net-2008(Framework 3.5) are required.

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