Campus Recruitment System .Net Project Abstract

Abstract: Now one also needs to understand why it is that corporate are beginning to lay a lot of emphasis on campus recruitment. In today’s world it is a war out there. A war to hire the right kind of talent. Four modules in this project:


Administrator, users of this type will basically manage the administration of application. Administrator can create the student and tpo accounts and handle many other operation processes. Administrator is the only person, who can activate or deactivate any type of user account.

Only the administrator can view the company eligibility criteria for the recruitment process and then send to the tpo. Only this can accept or reject the companies visit. And many other processes can handle by the administrator. This can replies to the company.


Student is the main part of the system and this can be registered by the administrator and unique Id is given to the student. By using this unique Id student can login. Then the student can edit their profile information, academic information, and browse their resumes.

They can also change their password. And the notice is displayed on the student page about the companies visit. Student can send their resumes to the TPO for checking their eligibility for the upcoming companies’ requirement.


TPO is the Training & Placement Officer, to which the administrator can send the mail about the companies visit and their requirements. Now TPO can view the notice and send to the student after getting their resumes then TPO can select the eligible student according to company requirements. TPO can also send other notices to the student.


Company can register by their own. And then fill their company profile. This module can specify all the eligibility criteria according to which the student can be selected for the new vacancy. After that the test is conducted by the company and the final selected student is displayed.

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