Mobile Blogger .Net Project Abstract


1) Introduction

The term blogging and blog is a latest buzz word in the modern society as more people started reading and writing blogs online. There is constant increase in the number of people turned in the blogs way and it is a good medium for every body to write and publish their opinions online. Every day people from all over the world are waiting for the celebrities blogs and want to reply their comments for that.

Some of the famous blogging sites are and etc.

2) Challenge

Challenge is to prepare a blogging platform for mobiles and a website to support and publish those blogs online. As number of people using the mobiles increasing, it will be much easier for people to read, write and post comments using mobiles.

Challenge is to give a medium for people to express their opinions online very easily and allow reading that any time from anywhere.

Challenge is to develop, integrate and deploy different technological components to make an easy Blogger on mobiles.

3) Proposed solution

Mobile Blogger .Net Project Proposed solution is a Windows mobile client application which will allow users to search and selectively download the blogs through the help of GPRS. Users can save those blogs for later read.

Mobile Blogger allows users to create and publish blogs online and also allow reply to the existing blogs. Mobile Blogger allows users to write and keep the blog as a draft until it is fully ready for posting online.

Proposed solution also contains a web site to host the blogs online and a web service to interact the web site and the windows mobile client application.

4) System Diagram

5) Technology

Technologies used are

• Microsoft .Net
• Visual C# language
• ASP.Net
• ASP.Net web service
• SQL Server

6) Future enhancements

Mobile Blogger can be developed further to have interactions with the existing blogging sites and can be act as a feed provider for all the blogging sites online.

7) Conclusion

Mobile Blogger is covering all aspects of a blogging application as well as simulates how it can be used on mobiles to make the process easy as well as portable.

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